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Oct 22, 2013

Who's Your Hero: #Blogfest

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:31 AM

The release of the novel Saving Sam by J.L. Campbell has been timed to coincide with National Heroes’ Day celebrations in Jamaica. Sam, the protagonist finds a hero—or heroine if you like—in his aunt and the mission of this blogfest is to write a maximum of 300 words about someone who has been a source of inspiration. So, Who’s Your Hero?

I wrote this more honest post because my initial post, although true that writers in the blog world are my heroes felt like a cop out. So here we go (*worried/nervous*):

My hero is my late grandmother (Thami –short for Nomathamsanqa meaning “the blessing”). 
My mother’s mom. 

In my very late teens I came to realize that my gran was grievously abused by my step grandfather, a man of vicious temprament. I was raised by my gran in my early years, until her death from cancer when I was about 14, but I have a hard time remembering a moment when I saw evidence of this in my early years. 

It is not this that I admire or what makes her my hero.

What does is that like so may women of her time living in the heart of apartheid and despite the personal burden she carried, she was fearless, loving and would endure hell for her loved ones. To me and my brother she was a constant source of love, support and guidance.
Much of my relationship with my children I realise is modelled on hers with us. She gave me a basis for an alternative to strive for in the chaos that visited my life after her death.

I often think about my gran when I go through trails, particularly in my relationships. 

I think what would she say, what would she do?

Even in her absence when I look at many of my challenges as an adult, I think about what she went through and I come to the conclusion that I am much stronger than whatever is facing me and will not be defined by that struggle. 

I am able to look past my own dysfunctional and abusive childhood which followed her death, and aspire to do better and be the best person, mother and wife I can be because of the benchmark I saw her lay. 
I thank my gran for instilling in me a determination to look for alternatives. To work for and have a lot better outcome from life than what it gave me......even if she could not do it for herself. 

I don’t think I ever will be able to let go off my gran. It’s hard to let go of someone who has been the premise for much of the life determining decisions you have made. 

Writing about my hero was emotional. Thanks J.L!!!!


I have a lot of material on JL (the author) and her books (excerpts, works in progress,interviews, reviews, etc) on this blog and you can find that here: J.L Campbell

About J.L

J.L. Campbell is a proud Jamaican and an award-winning writer, who is always on the lookout for story-
making material.
She writes romantic suspense, women's fiction and young adult novels. She is the author of Contraband, Christine's Odyssey, Dissolution, Distraction, Don't Get Mad...Get Even, Giving up the Dream, Kicked to the Kerb, Retribution and Hardware (written under the pen name Jayda McTyson).
Feel free to connect with her on Facebook or Twitter or visit her Amazon author page.

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Most know me as the author to Fabulosity Reads and in actual fact, that is the previous name of this blog. I have since then moved my books to a Wordpress self-hosted blog so that I can have a place to show a different side of me which I am equally passionate about and that is marketing and personal development. I hope you will love being here, watching me grow as I share and learn. My highest hope is that we will grown and learn together in all disciplines affecting our lives. I'd LUUURRRVE to hear from you, so don't be shy...


  1. Wendy,

    Your post reminds me of my own. My mother wasn't abused, but she had a challenging life. Ours is a matriarchal society in Jamaica, which is part of the reason women have to be strong.

    By the sound of it, your grandmother stood tall. It's not easy to triumph over some of the circumstances we face in childhood, but it seems that you have done well.

    Thanks for celebrating with me!

  2. Thank you JL. headed over to you now.

  3. You are fortunate to have a gran to be your guiding light in your life. I know how emotional, but satisfying, it is to write about your hero. I felt the same after pouring my heart out about my friend, Bernie, on my blog. So glad Joy offered up this topic to re-visit some wonderful people in my life. Hard to choose just one. I appreciated your article and how this woman helped you with your life choices. Best wishes.

  4. This is a heartfelt and moving tribute to a wonderful gogo!
    You were blessed to have had her as a role model.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awww thanks Michelle. Great of you to pop in

  6. Wendy, I can tell from the post just how much your grandma means to you. She sounds like a tremendous source of inspiration.

  7. Its good you had such a dedicated role model in your life.


  8. I'm certain your grandma would be proud of the woman you've become today. It was touching to read the way she inspired you.

  9. You guys will have me balling all over again at 2:30 in the morning. <3


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