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Nov 29, 2013

Create a Legacy This Festive _ Tandy Elisala: Guest Post

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:00 PM

Tandy has dropped in for a quick visit and I thought I should also send a qiuck SHOUT OUT about her newly released book as well. Details are at the end of her post.
Welcome Tandy and its lovely having you here with such a thoughtful message.

This time of year is typically a time for family, food, fun, memories, giving thanks, laughter and more. I can’t tell you how many years went by before realizing I could affect our future generations and what information they would have about those who came before us. In fact, it wasn’t until becoming a caregiver for both of my parents that I realized if I wanted my kids to know more about our family history, we needed to proactively seek the information. I realized several things at this juncture:

  • I had to figure out a way to get my dad from his ‘head’ to his ‘heart’ where he could and would share stories about his childhood, his dreams, regrets, favorite everything; other than ice cream which was a well-known fact, and much more.
  • My kids were already garnering valuable information about our family history through talks with their grandparents, asking them questions about things as we cleared out their home. My oldest daughter in particular was soaking in all the information.
  • My mom knew my dad better than he knew himself and I was astounded at the sheer amount of information about everything she had stored in her head. We were truly fortunate to have her relay legacy information to us while she still could.
  • I wish I would have started a standard practice of gleaning all possible information about our family history decades ago.  That realization was followed quickly by my ‘don’t would’a, should’a, could’a trap.
  • Nobody wants to die with an untold story in their head. Providing a safe space for people to share their stories helps prepare them for a peaceful passing.
“Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with
you nothing that have received–only what you have given.”
~ St. Francis of Assisi

Tandy Elisala, MA, CPSC, ACT, CHt, TFT-fAlg, is Founder and CEO of Center for Inspiring Greatness.  ™ Tandy is a Care Giving Expert, Certified Professional Success Coach, Author and Consultant. She is certified in various alternative-healing modalities. Tandy has 25 years’ proven experience as a corporate executive, speaker and coach.  Tandy was a full-time caregiver for both parents simultaneously while kicking cancer’s butt a third time and raising three children as a single parent. Tandy lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her three kids, two dogs, and three cats. Tandy’s book, Healing Through the Chaos: Practical Care-Giving is available for pre-order at

About Tandy's book:

Displaying Tandy_Cover300dpi.pngHealing Through the Chaos gives all current and future caregivers and care receivers easy, practical ways to:

Prepare today and save time, money, stress and heartache through insider household tips and an action guide.
Take charge of a loved one’s care and keep them safe physically, emotionally, and financially. This book provides invaluable, consolidated resources for every care giving stage including preparation, evaluation, advocacy, decision points and safety.
Exercise self-care. This is a critical component to giving care; particularly when managing everyday life. Daily responsibilities don’t go away!  This book offers immediately beneficial tools for navigating the myriad of feelings and thoughts associated with care giving.
Ignite more gratitude in everyday life and build legacies in ways that honor loved ones.
Healing Through the Chaos: Practical Care Giving is available online at and  

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