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Nov 11, 2013

#Review: My Brother My Rival by Eve Rabi

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:37 AM

We are pleased to present you with our review of Eve Rabi's book for My Family's Heart Book Reviews & Tours. Today's our turn on the blog stop schedule.
This review is done courtesy of our fabulous blog contributor: Elaine Minnaar.
Thank you Elaine.

                                                                        Author: Eve Rabi 
Series:     Y 
Genre:    Steamy Romance`
Publisher: Self Published
  • ISIN       :B00EVD47YC

  • This is a steamy,  love story  with lots and lots of tension and love scenes.  
This book will make you cry, laugh and gasp for breath on about every page.

Bridie, a young female meets this attractive and gorgeous man called Scott, who serves in the military. They go on a date; however, afterwards, he does not call. Bridie then catches the eye of Cody, who is a normal customer at the bar where she works. Bridie agrees to go on a date with him. It’s not long before they fall in love.  But we all know love is a road paved with moments ranging from awkward to the truly heartwrenching.

So imagine her surprise when visiting Cody’s parents for the first time she find non-other than Scott there, Cody’s brother. The navy had intervened in Scott’s plans towards Bridie when was sent out of the country on an assignment.

Difficult, but Bridie must now choose between the brothers. Who will she choose, and will it be the right choice?


There are so many twists and turns in this book, it gives you whiplash, Eve Rabi does not have a moment to spare for boredom.

The three characters, Bridie, Cody and Scott are very well captured; Eve does a great job in developing fully fledged characters with depth. Sometimes steamy romance tends to be a little superficial, all about sensuality but because Eve maintains a deep connection to real life in her book, there is a richness and multi dimensional attribute to her story.

Everyday life is anything but simple and yet not everything is overly complex. We make wise and rash decisions at the toss of a coin and Eve Rabi is able to transcribe such human characteristics to paper incredibly well.

I loved the love scenes in their numbers. Oh and you should just know this is not a story for the sexually inhibited.
It is hilarious in a “laugh out loud” manner and oh so romantic.

I was asked to give a review on this book and I must honestly tell you I can’t rave enough about it.
It is another addictive read!   If you don’t enjoy syrupy romance but like it with a bit of rough and tumble and true to life flavour. This one is for you.

 You will giggle, squeal and scream (more than once) and certainly won’t put it down.
Love Eve Rabi, great author!!!  Nearly finished the second book. OH SO HOT … HOT … HOT!

Enjoy the raffle and the rest of the tour. Thank you My Family's Heart, this was enjoyable.


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