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Dec 18, 2013

Bomber Boy: Rise of The Underwear Bomber: #GuestPost

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:40 PM

I already sent out greetings earlier today so I'm just gonna go right ahead and ask Ike to introduce himself.

Hi there!; I am Ike Pius
I have been invited by Dear Sister Wendy to do a post about why I write.

In a few words: I write because of the Power of Words.

Books shaped my life. Before I was fifteen I had read such powerful books such as Julius Caesar's The Conquest of Gaul, and Chukwuemeka

Ike's Sunset At Dawn. These books made a huge impression on my mind for the following reasons.
The former is a poor attempt to rationalize the rape, murder, mutilation, and enslavement of the peoples of Ancient Gaul by the Romans led by the Persecutor in Chief Julius Caesar. The book is largely hailed as a work of literary genius even though it is completely one-sided; taking no note of the conquered Gauls.

The later is a story about the Biafra - Nigeria war, and was written from the Biafran angle. It depicts the struggles, hopes, and sufferings of war-time Iboland. The book was banned from circulation
in Nigeria. (Please note that Nigeria won that war).

Not only is it true that history is written by those who win; it is also true that words have power to shape the future.... And why must we shape that future?

Enter-- Bomber Boy: Rise of The Underwear Bomber.

I try to use the power of words to tell the African to keep his nose out of the war between the 'Jihadists' & the 'Zionists'... A war that should not concern him!

The book is satirical and makes subtle mockery of the 'War Against Terror'. Also the book examines terrorism from the angle of the poor African people who are ignored by mainstream media interests when they cover the issue of terrorism. The book makes it impossible not to feel compassion for the grass that suffers when two elephants fight.

Hopefully this short read will impact on someone's mind, encouraging him too to embrace the Power of Words as we take the long walk to  freedom.

Let me not forget to mention that if you google 'Bomber Boy Ike Pius' you will find that I have been branded a terrorist by some people on the internet. There is absolutely no truth in that. I am for peace and friendship between all people.


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  1. Wonderful post! All the best with your writing endeavors, Ike.


  2. Thanks for dropping in Janice....and leaving your lovely comment


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