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Dec 2, 2013


Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  3:48 AM

If you are looking for the BOOK TOUR GIVEAWAYS and not my soppy tales then head straight this way.....


I have many things to celebrate as this year draws to a close.
I am thankful for:

My family which has gone through many trails in the last couple of years and come out on top, this past year.

 I started my off line business towards the beginning of this year (The Skills Depot) and starting from nothing but DYI props _it is slowly but surely getting on its feet.

I am thankful for coming back to blogging this year and for the many wonderful people I have reconnected with and the new ones who I have met. For the tremendous support that I am getting for my new online venture with is the reason for today's post, and for the love that pours in everyday from my followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, you name it. I appreciate everyone.

And last, I am grateful for the authors who trust me enough to hand their precious work over to me to get the world to know about.

I feel like I am honestly the most blessed person on earth at this moment.
A very different outlook to end of last year.
That is why, there is a time and a season for all things.....we just have to be strong enough to ride the tide to the next one.....

Before I start a sermon let me get back to my point.
Because I am soooooo grateful for all my blessings ive received when I expected none, I have decided to give some gifts away to introduce people to my new services, to appreciate writers and express my thanks.

Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions is hosting 2 "Loving Authors @ Christmas Giveaways" in the month of December.
In summary this is what's happening.

2 X Paranormal Writers will win book tours (1book release only worth $45) & (1 book release & cover reveal combo _with reviews worth $95 for the two)

1 X Romantic Fiction Writer will win the baby of the Deluxe Pack - The Social Frenzy worth $95 - this one is won by the best book submitted of any genre as long as my review panel thinks it's the best romantic story of the lot.

I hope you join and who could be you I send one of the winning emails to.

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