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Dec 12, 2013

REVENGE FROM MARS & $25 Gift Card Up for grabs: #Interview and Excerpt

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:23 AM

Today I'l like us to present to you Todd Embry ladies and gentlemen. Embry is a Science Fiction writer  with a story that needs to be told. I asked him a few questions about his book and slotted in an excerpt  to give you an idea of what going on in his book then sweetened it all with a $25 US Amazon Gift Card.

Without further ado...


Genre: Fantasy, Scifi, dystopian, 

Amazon Page: T.W. Embry

Publisher: Alpha Wolf Publishing (October 14, 2013)

 photo fbe907f1-ca8b-4f6d-8c9d-b2e384f79a14_zpsf1f35904.jpg

In the future, Earth is controlled by one man, Supreme Leader Jeremiah Johnson. Fueled by a desire to control the world, Jeremiah Johnson infiltrated himself into the mega-churches and led a campaign of suppression and subversion that resulted in one Church of Enlightenment, with himself as leader. The political influence of the Church extended into the political arena where Jeremiah Johnson was also elected Supreme Leader of the World. With both the power of the church and the government in his hands, nothing stands between Jeremiah and world domination. 

Henry Thomas’ parents were on a mission to uncover evidence that would undermine the doctrine that is the foundation of the Church of Enlightenment. Ten year old Henry watched as his parents were deemed heretics and violently murdered by a death squad of Church fanatics. Captured by fanatics himself, Henry is sent to a Church orphanage to be reprogrammed. After six years of captivity he manages to escape and begin a life on the run. He meets the love of his life, Annie Pearl, who shares his hatred of the oppression that has created a world of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. When Annie is murdered for her outspoken views, Henry’s life is set on a course of revenge and hatred. His mission to destroy Supreme Leader Johnson will take him all the way to the Martian deserts surrounding the new Mars colony. On Mars he hopes to find the proof his parents were seeking, the evidence that will topple an empire and exact revenge for the murder of those he loved.

 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg

The wooden chair squeaked, then groaned in 
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protest as I leaned back, tilting my head to get every last drop of the excellent Kentucky bourbon out of a now empty glass. Even in the low Mars gravity, I massed more than I had as a young man. And this bar, the Prospector's Reward, once had been the place to be seen, the crown jewel in the social scene of Mars Central City. Resplendent in all things from Earth, it represented wasteful opulence in what had been a grand time. Now, like this wooden chair, it was old and forgotten. Much like the lie that had created this bar in the first place, the myth of the Lost City of Mars and the lure of instant wealth beyond imagination it would bring to whoever found it first. Many a tall tale had been spun in these walls, each taller than the last.

“Are you Henry William Thomas?” asked a young voice, breaking through the self-induced fog of alcohol.
Raising my head off the table and shaking it vigorously, trying to regain enough clarity to respond, I answered, “Who wants to know?”
“Sir, you don’t know me. I just arrived here on Mars and I am looking for my brother. My name is Jack Johnson, and I was told that Henry William Thomas might know where I could find him and that he would be here in The Prospector's Reward. Are you him?” asked the eager young new arrival. So new, in fact, that he still wore the single use p-suit they issued all those who left Earth in search of the dream, so young it was almost painful to see. The dream was an empty lie promoted by the Company in order to recruit new workers for its growing processing facilities.

As I poured another healthy drink for the both of us, I explained about the myth of the city of the lost civilization of Mars. Of a hidden city with alien technology and riches beyond imagination, lost in the Martian wastes, just waiting for some lucky fool to stumble on it.


What an interesting story line Todd, can you tell us about the genesis oF that idea?
When I was very young a friend introduced me to sci-fi. He gave me a book of short stories, one of which was about tourists on Mars who found a cache of martian weapons. I have been fascinated every since.

When I read the first two lines and spotted the Supreme Leaders name somehow clicked in me that there was some biblical connection here. Then I read further and see that indeed there is the Church…..why did you choose the church as the point of entry for this leader’s diabolical rule?
Revenge from Mars has sort of a biblical reference I used it because people associate it with fanatics and control of the followers these days. It could just as easily been a political ideal

Which personality have you come across or read about do you think best represents Jeremiah?
The supreme leader is modeled on a successful Hitler with a Jim Jones twist

Why does the church fail to indoctrinate or turn Henry Thomas?
Henry Thomas holds on to his hate for those who killed his parents, because that is all he has. He would rather die than convert. Exacting his revenge is all he cares about and that is what keeps him alive

Would you say Revenge From Mars is dystopian, epic fantasy, science fiction?
Revenge from Mars is most definatly a dystopian society both on Earth and Mars. I think it serves as a warning about what will come if we do not stop fanaticism in all forms.

What references did you draw from when writing your book? I’m referring specifically to the mining and prospecting operations going on in the new colony. This makes me think of how our own city of gold (Johannesburg) started off by the way.
The environmental damage we are doing to Earth is both unsustanable and beyond repair with our current or immediate futures technology, this too is a warning of what will happen if we don't change our habit of consumption. Our current path is unsustainable, we must change our very basic way of producing energy, food even clean water. If we don't we will see a society similar to the one Thomas lives in.

What’s your favorite piece in the book, the one that makes you think “here you’ve outdone yourself”?
I am a huge fan of the plot twist; I call them a crazy Ivan, from the Hunt for Red October. So the end has a unexpected twist inside a twist. That is my favorite part.

I am about to help you promote your book starting with this Giveaway until just before Christmas but also over a longer term thereafter..….I’d like you to give us an elevator pitch for why my readers should spare a moment from the holiday frenzy to read Revenge From Mars
If you like original story line with unexpected twists then this is a must read. Revenge from Mars will keep you guessing from chapter one to the end. It also serves as what I believe to be a dire warning about the current world political arena and what could easily happen if the right megalomaniac shows up. I believe that revenge from Mars will anger some and enlighten others for it is a very thought provoking read.

 photo 59e824c4-9212-448b-9de2-c31e31a3a6ef_zps75626707.jpg

Todd was born a navy brat in Sasabo Japan in 1962. After living in many different places, his family
finally settled down in the small town of Fort Pierce Florida, where his father taught physics at the local college. A bit of a wild and rebellious youth, Todd graduated high school, just barley. Following in his father’s footsteps he also joined the navy.

After a knee injury ended his naval career early, Todd returned to Ft Pierce resuming his wild ways. In desperation his parents sent him to stay with his Grandmother in Scotts Corner Kentucky, hoping some of the local values, hard work, unconditional love of family among them, would rub off. 
It did, Todd returned to his family in Ft Pierce, found a job with Bellsouth as a telephone operator and 15 years passed. During which Todd met the love of his life Linda at his 31st birthday party. After an intense romance, they were married 1 year later.  However, Linda came as a package deal, she had a daughter Corri whom Todd came to love as his own daughter and by mutual consent, Todd adopted Corri making them one happy family at last.

Todd now works full time at the flower shop with his wife Linda and their daughter Corri and is finishing his third novel in his spare time.

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