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Jan 30, 2014

Are #Reviews worth your efforts? by Sidne @ Reading Rendezvous Reviewz: Guestpost

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:16 AM

I have on board one of the best peeps you will ever come across on blogville and a book reviewer second to none. Sidne has been a wonderful blog friend for as long as my blogging career and has been a beautiful blessing to my life. I was reading her reviews the other day and seeing how even more focused she is on getting good word out about books than I am, I decided more people writers ought to catch a glimpse of her.
So I asked her to write this post for us. Here she is with a word of encouragement for the reviewer.

Welcome Your Hotness.....take it away

As a book review blogger or book reviewer that question may find itself creeping into our minds at least three times a month if not more. 

I find book reviewers/ bloggers as being the most dedicated team of bloggers on the internet, especially those with commitments to publishers, PR staff members and authors.  With the daily posting of reviews, constant reading and making time to visit other book bloggers / reviewers while participating in memes as a means of socializing and entertaining, it all can become overwhelming at times and then the question creeps within; ghezish are my reviews worth my efforts.

The answer is Yes. If you are an avid reader then what other way to record or share with other like - minded individuals what you have read than to post a review via blogging 

For the book reviewer: someone who receives novels from publishers and authors for a review.  It is most appreciated by authors. Reviews provide authors with an invaluable third party validation. Reviews help raise awareness among readers as reading list are made and conversations are centered on a review.  
Most avid readers seek out reviews to help determine the pros and cons about a book.  Reviews are very much part of the book culture and they definitely carry clout, so, without further delay, continue to read and provide honest opinionated reviews because your efforts are noticeable. 

About Sidne:

Sidne is a book reviewer and book blogger. She is a bibliophile with a library of over 1,000 books. Sidne  is founder of Reading Rendezvous Reviewz literary social events and blog under the same name.
Bloggers and writers, do yourselves a great service by visiting Sidne's blog and getting involved in her activities and events.


About the Author

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  1. I have been reviewing for 6 years now, and I have been feeling more than alike under accomplished and overwhelmed. I can't get through the amount of books publishers and authors send us; and as for my readership i can't really tell if it's getting through to anyone. I think i am burnt out how do other bloggers/reviewers handle it?

  2. I definitely understand those emotions. I will advise you to schedule (i dubbed this name) blogger's 'moderate pace' mode or a blogger retreat or sabbatical. What are those? I will stop by your blog and provide more details. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Ladies, I completely get you Rayna. I also agree on the blog sabbatical idea. Always remember you are doing this for free. There is no other incentive in it for you than that you should have fun while doing it. When that goes it becomes an umpleasant job, you dont want that because it will turn you off blogging forever. So I suggest a blogging holiday.

    As for readership and impact: I have noticed that most people leave comments everywhere but the blog. So I now really only keep track of my traffic and shares as an indicator of how people receive my posts. So I would say dont worry about it much as long as you are getting your traffic. And secondly, authors are the people who really get the benefits of your work so I would say continue.

    You are adding to the success of someone's book with your good work. Visiting you soon and thank you for dropping in


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