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Jan 16, 2014

Author Promote By Blogging and Prevent A Book's Death: #Tutorial

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  5:09 AM

You may be wondering why how that’s possible but I am convinced it is. At best, in the long term I
believe you can stunt the popularity of your book if you do not have a blog.

I have not written anything that can conclusively be called a book and subsequently have not published anything but that has not stopped me from finding my own little place in the writing world.
I found my little corner in book promotion via blogging and I am so glad I did.

 Especially that I did so even before I have completed writing anything to call a book. Blogging has prepared me and helped me make a habit some of the things that some published authors I come across struggle with in terms of promotion and blogging believe it or not, is one of them.

Now of course this is all personal opinion but I believe if you have a book you have to have a blog to effectively promote it and I also believe that a blog is more efficient than a static website. Everything is about engaging the reader.

A lot of indie authors do not embrace this idea.
I remember one Facebook friend telling me she was on a crazy deadline because that night her book was being released.
My immediate response was…..where, how and why don’t I know about it.
It’s not to say she may not have been sending out word about it over social media but I, who was tweeting and retweeting her stuff everyday was oblivious to the release of this new book.
Suffice to say, she was not a blogger and her book was birthed in silence.  I think that’s a real downright dirty shame right there. Spending so much time and energy slaving away, creating a work of art with no proper platform to release it on.
Unless as an author you have a a publicist, agent and whoever else you need to get word out, I think it is a travesty having a book and not bothering to give it a home. Especially a platform on which to launch it.

So I want to lay out what I think are solid reasons supporting the blogging idea:

  • Blogging Puts You In A Power Position As An Expert In Your Field

I know that in the blogging world most of us buy books out of an emotional attachment to the author.
We’ve been through the writing journey with them and now its finished and we want to show our support. I don’t think there is an easier way to get a sale that will most probably end up in reviews and word of mouth marketing.
But to get that the author probably has readers who are interested in or look up to them regarding writing related matters.

One author said to me…”but I have nothing to say and everybody looks like they know what they are talking about on their blogs, I just write.”
My answer was, “but you have plenty to say in your book. If you feel you cannot blog because you have nothing to share with the world as a person, my suggestion is that you remove the person and focus on the craft. “ After all, is that not your gift?
That also happens to be what will establish your reputation as an expert in the long term anyway.
 Everything we read on blogs is somebody’s opinion and no one’s opinion is more relevant than yours until a reader makes it so. You have written a book, you have been published and possibly have had some people spend good money on your book when they could have chosen to purchase any other.
You have something to say and there are people prepared to read it.

Are you at a loss as to where to start? You could start off sharing your writing day, share writing habits, lessons you learnt per book or by  chapter, advice on how to do things better, host your own character castings as a series, share excerpts about your book….the list goes on.  There is plenty to talk about.

Check out other writers blogs and jot down ideas that interest you…in case you didn’t know, almost nothing is original on the internet. This post idea came from another blogger's post I was reading on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), very technical but here we are.
So don’t be shy and don’t feel like a cheat, get your note pad out and jot away.

  • Blogging generates steady traffic to your books.

Once people start reading your blog, they come to expect news and will be visiting regularly (also depending on how many time you blog). I speak about blog schedules and posting frequency in my HOW NOT TO SUCK AT BLOGGING post; you might be interested in that.
These very same visitors share your content, follow your blog and talk to friends and family about the articles you have written. Bloggers are generous people. We support our writers and consistently look for ways to help out with promotions and campaigns.
Yes you could be using bloggers to host your interviews and guest posts and maybe even using blog tours without having your own blog but unless you are part of this community I am afraid you will never know the ridiculous depths of the blogging world’s benevolence and its benefit to your writing.

  • Blogging Gets Rid Of Tardy Promotional Habits

Quite simply put, look at your blog as a business plan. What strategy would be most effective to get you what you want?
It’s true that the more eyes land on your book the more sales you will get but how best do you get to those eyes.
The aim of the blog should be to bring exposure to your books without having to hard sell and inevitably become the annoying sales person everyone loves to hate.
Believe me when I say, nothing is more irritating than an author who day in day out punts their Amazon links on twitter unless that author is extremely witty and clever with their scripts and those are precious few.
When a fellow blogger punts the writer’s book, it has a different feel  by virtue of them being a reader and automatically a “more credible and less biased” source.

So I think this is a real biggie.
Blogging helps keep focus on your books without your forcing them on people.They are always visible on your homepage when you publish an article and you will most probably be writing articles around them quite frequently.  The more you write the more Google search engines and their affiliates like your blog and the more popular you become.
Over time, you won’t have to force your books down anyone’s throat to get buying readers.
There are some authors who do this brilliantly whose blogs you might want to look at and at the top of the list for me is:
JL Campbell (Contraband, Chasing Anya, Baker’s Dozen, etc)
Margo Bond Collins (Waking Up Dead)
Wenona Husley (Burden of Blood, Blood Awakening), 
to name a few.

Blogging Helps You Build Your Brand.

Maybe at this point you don’t even know what your brand should be.
You don’t have to.
A lot of bloggers’ brands develop organically, mine did.
I certainly had no idea when I started blogging that Fabulosity Reads would become popular or a place that other better bloggers would want to visit over and over. Just goes to show you just need to be you when you blog, no airs and pretentious shyte nonsense or competing with others and you will be fine.
If I told you I sat and mapped out my brand image and strategy right at the beginning then I would definitely be making myself out to be cleverer than I actually am.
I entered into something I had no clue about and absolutely no foresight into.
Three years of trial and error did the job while I enjoyed the journey. At worst, i'd say go the same route. Just write.
Blogging not only helps you build your brand but I believe it helps you identify your niche too.
You don’t have to have this one all figured out at the beginning either. All you need is a desire to share your books and yourself as a writer.
People who enjoy your kind of writing will gravitate towards your blog. This is a very valuable tool to any writer who is concerned with effectively presenting themselves to their readership.

In closing, I believe there is a lot of promotional value in blogging.
Of course there are other ways of promoting your books however with the fierce move towards digital media in publishing and it being here to stay; I think it would be remiss of any writer to ignore blogging as a promotional tool. You need to leave your foot print in cyberspace for the sake of your books.
So my advice is, start a blog in the next few days.

As always, I welcome questions and feedback wholeheartedly.
You can also find more interesting blogging discussion on the sidebar.


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  1. Great post, thanks for the mention :) My blogs started growing quite a bit with other authors contacting me who wanted a spot to promote their own work too.

  2. Wonderful post. This is why I got into blogging months before my first book contract was signed. I had no idea what I'd blog about and it took me about two month's worth of posts to capture my theme and stick with it, but once I did, I fell in love with blogging.

  3. Hello ladies. Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving comments. I love getting these they are ever so rare these days you know?
    @Annette: it is my absolute pleasure to give credit to great work.
    @Nana I'm sure you are reallt thrilled to have had such great foresight. It make the job so much easier.....

    Good luck with your writing to both of you.


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