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Jan 6, 2014

Devil may Cry _ Dark Hunter Novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon: #Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  3:47 PM

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Genre: Paranormal, Epic Fantasy
Title: Devil May Cry  (A Dark Hunter Novel)
Publisher: Paiktus 2009
I thought this book was an odd mix of great, creative storytelling and good but not quite on par writing.
Sherrilyn did a great job creating a world of mythological creatures mainly revolving around Greek, Atlantean and Sumerian gods and demonology. If mythology interests you as it does me I would say I recommend this book based on that alone. 

Her detailed background is impeccable. Her characters multi dimensional and the plot is and pace very strong. That’s really what kept me going with it as I read it over the weekend. 
 It is also a really moving story of an unlikely hero, a “man” robbed of his god-hood by a cunning goddess and his path to unexpectedly finding love at his life time enemies door while fighting evil that has, after thousands of years, evolved from stalking the human race only in the night to day, leading to a seemingly inevitable apocalypse.

The twists and turns in the story are really what keeps you coming back for more.
The intricate lies and selfish motives of the gods behind ancient betrayals give the book a really authentic and exciting feel.
I have to touch on the fact that there are sex scenes but they are tactfully sexy and meaningful but definitely for the New Adult and above reader. I like that she doesn’t pop them everywhere and there is so much suspense on the way there.

Everything would have been great had there not been a dissonance between the pictures conjured by the story and the tone of the book and voices of the character. I felt this area was really weak compared to another book I read by her (Dream Chaser) which I have previously given a 5 star rating. I thought the dialogue between characters for the most part was a little too much on the cheesy side, although I’m aware that was used for humor. The wording is what really put me off in places; it was just too nonchalant and bland for some of the characters presented. 
The only character that sounded authentic to me was Simm who I assume is Asian.
 The writing style is not all bad though because there are some great lines tucked in there. 
 Both cheesy and not-so-cheesy. 

One of my favorites is right at the beginning, the first few lines of the epilogue.

VeanganceSome say it’s a poison that infiltrates the soul and strips it bear.That it’s path only destroys the one who treads it.But to others it’s mothers milk. It nourishes and thrives_ gives the reason to survive when they have nothing more to hold them to this world.

I bought this book last weeks at a local book store and these lines are actually what sealed the deal after reading the blurb.


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