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Jan 24, 2014

Grab a piece of Madiba Magic: Portrait of Nelson Mandela by Jonel Scholtz

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  5:13 AM

Today ladies and gentlemen I am giving you my friend and mega talented artist, Jonel Scholtz.
If you have not read my interview with Jonel and her work, please visit this link.
This was one of the best interviews ever on this blog for me possibly because of how much I love her artistry.

Well anyway as you most probably also know, a world icon passed on, on December 5th 2013, Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela. Madiba was not only loved by his people in South Africa but was adored by the world at large.

At this point you may be asking yourself what the two have in common.

Well nothing except for the fact Jonel has just done the completed beautiful portrait of Madiba.
I really like that she chose to paint him as he was in his later years. Full of life, mirth and exuberance
despite what was happening in the country subsequent to 1994, the party and even his health struggles.

This painting, which I really liked when I saw it on Facebook is currently on exhibition at a a local prestigious gallery for a cool $700.00 US which is the equivalent of ZAR 7,000.00.

I really wanted to do a feature on it and fortunately I didn’t have to beg or plead with Jonel  when I asked her if I could do a post about her painting but that she consider reducing rate for interested readers.

I think this is something to have forever, hanging on your wall in a loved space.
 It may be contemporary but I do definitely think it is collectable. Not only because of who the ubject was and what he meant to the world but also because of the intrinsic talent Jonel possesses as an artists and the love she has for her craft reflected in every brushstroke.

Now about the painting.
Size:          50 x 60 cm
Medium:    Oils on canvas
Location:   International
Price:        $500 plus shipping for Wendy’s readers.

Somethings you may want to know about Jonel Scholtz:

She has been exhibiting overseas since 2009:
  • Agora Gallery in NY,
  •  UN in NY as part of Women's Day Exhibition,
  •  NY International Art Fair in NY,
  •  ArtFusion Gallery in Miami and
  •  Castello Estence in Ferrara Italy.

 She has also been featured in:
  •  Art Fair International a magazine stationed in NY,
  •  SA magazines like DeKat, Vrouekeur, TuinPaleis, and the Rapport Tydskrif.

 In South Africa she can be seen exhibiting at:
  • Alice Art, Ruimsig;
  • Old Masters in Hartebeespoortdam,
  • Chris Tugwell Gallery Hartebeespoortdam.

 She also supplies to three other galleries:

  •  State of the Art (Cape Town),
  •  De Rust Art Gallery (De Rust),
  •  The Art Gallery (Clarens).

 This year South Africa can catch her exhibiting at our famous Decorex Jhb exhibitions as well this. 

Her work:

Magazine Features:

Art Fairs International

Artslant _ Amsterdam

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Oh I shoud also mention in the name of transparency that Jonel will give me 
a bit of commission if someone buys it from this post...SHE PROMISED! 
So please help me out with spreading the word.

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