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Jan 20, 2014

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton: #Review (Absolutely Gripping)

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  9:00 AM

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, N/A
Title: Guilty Pleasures  (An Anita Blake Novel)
Publisher: Headline (September 17, 2009)

The first Anita Blake book I read three years ago was The Laughing Corpse and it scared me for a week.
I couldn’t sleep and not see voodoo and evil crawling hands and pitiful, rotting zombies locked in dark cupboards.

The other day while browsing bookshelves I came across Guilty Pleasures and remembering how much I, in terror, enjoyed my previous read I picked it up. I was actually not aware right until finishing the book that this one precedes The Laughing Corpse.

I can conclusively tell you at this point that I think Laurell K. Hamilton is a zombie, vampire genius. As was the case with the previous book, I could not get my nose out of this one.  In fact I have book hangover. I feel like I can’t go on until I get a copy of The Laughing Corpse in my hands again and tie up a few loose ends my memory is failing at.

Her characters, plot, and story ideas are completely original and gripping. Yes, the character tends to have some cheesy lines but they work because that’s who she is, you can see that its not the writer trying to be funny. I think that’s great talent right there.

Perhaps a little critique is that there were a lot of characters in this book and now and again I had to stop a second to try to place a character that was re-entering a scene. That being said, it did not take away from the enjoyment of the story at all.

I was  left a little unsatisfied because I really wanted Anita to end up with the Master Vampire, Jean Claude **sigh** I suppose I have to read The Laughing Corpe again to see if my wish came true because three years ago when I read the book this did not stick out in my mind as I did not have the background.

I was absolutely crushed when a vampire junkie dies as well….he just could never catch a break even with Anita trying so hard for him… *teary*
Overall, I think this was a bloody very decent job. I can’t wait to read the next one again.

Favourite lines:
Anita about Philip.
“It was damn embarrassing that every time he took his shirt off, my brain went out to lunch. But no more, I had had my first and last kiss from Phillip of many scars. From now on I would remain the tough -as -nails vampire slayer, not to be distracted by rippling muscles or nice eyes.
My finders touched the bite mark. It hurt. No more Ms Nice Guy. If Phillip came near me again, I was going to hurt him. Of course knowing Phillip, he’d probably enjoy it.”

Rating: 4.5

Source: I bought thsi paperback at a local book store.
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  1. I'm not a fan of zombies or vampires but great review.

  2. Thank you so much for dropping in and your lovely comment.... hugs


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