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Feb 3, 2014

Evernight by Claudia Gray: Book #Review

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Author: Claudia grey
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: YA/ Paranormal / Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978 0 00 735531 0
Pages: 327

Evernight was a mixed bag that nearly imploded right around the middle for me.
First off its starts off with 16 year old Bianca who is being carted to a private boarding school in an ominously dark, cold, ancient fortress like establishment. The environment most certainly has a Dracula sort setting without the Transylvanian darkness.

Most of what happens through 50% of the book is  building up momentum towards revealing the things that go bump in the night and the attraction that Bianca has and seems unable to fight towards a fellow student, Lucas Ross.

Up to the point where during a steamy kissing session (as steamy as 16 year olds can get without approaching adult quality) she bites Lucas. I mean she really goes a vampire on him.

Every thing was sweet and dandy up to this point and then here I threw an unexpected tantrum and nearly tossed the book. The kiss was not the problem but the reaction to what happens after she bites him was a major downfall for me. The blasé and nonchalant reaction of everyone to Bianca’s change is completely at odds with what was presented thus far. But what really got to me was finding out that Bianca knew all along that she was a vampire. Not at any point before this is there even a hint that she has an idea about this, no worrying thoughts or suspicions would have led one to expect that she would  not be as upset and shocked as the readers. That is what we were being taken towards the whole time and then the story makes a complete 180.

I just could not understand honestly how everyone could ignore this gaping hole and continue on to publishing. After a couple of annoyed glares at my book on the nightstand I decided to pick up where I left off and work around my irritation. I had already spent half the week on it and I was really curious about what happens with Lucas and so I forged on.

I’m glad I did because there were some great surprises along the way and I am curious as to how this story will turn out seeing that the one half of the couple is vampire and the other a hunter.

I was not entirely disappointed with Evernight because I did really like Lucas and Bianca as a couple and loved their determination to stick together through all the odds clearly facing their seemingly ill fated relationship.
Its a very cute story and if not for the plot mishap i mentioned, I would most definitely have started reading book two but who knows. I may just forgive it one day and give Claudia's series a go again.


Book Source: I bought this book at  local book store here in South Africa in Paperback
Reviews: You can access other reviews on this blog HERE


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