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Feb 23, 2014

Lee Ryder talks about Broken Earth and Shattered Hearts: Check this out!

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:30 AM

Instead of doing my Sneak Peak Feature today, I thought I'd help one of my lovely tour hosts out with an introduction to you most "fabulous ones". 
So as always be nine, be kind (aka) support an author.

My newest book Shattered Hearts has just released so I thought I would take a moment to talk to you my awesome fans about the series. 

Why Broken Earth? 

Broken Earth means a lot of things to me, the fact that our Earth is Broken right now. You famine, death, and  war on the news every day. Broken Earth can also mean tilling the earth to grow things because we planted and grew things on the "farm" that I grew up on. Broken Earth also means breaking down the old barriers of the past and starting with something new.

 Where did the idea for the series come from?

The original idea for the series came from a dream I had after watching the video "Judgement Day" by a good friend of mine Doreen Taylor. Her video pulls at your heartstrings because a woman is looking for the man she loves during Armageddon.

What is the premise of the story? 

Broken Earth takes place in a world where all the adults are gone. They were killed by an unknown wasting disease which I can only describe as being akin to AIDS. It's brought on by industrialization which causes a great deal of pollution that harbors this disease.
The main character is a sixteen year old girl named Jess who lost her family to this wasting disease and now has to live in a world without governments to control the gangs that have formed their own governments in the city she lives in.

Why cemeteries?

I tried to think of what the world would be like if millions of people died. The cemeteries of the world would not be able to handle the onslaught of bodies. Knowing the human condition I created the cemeteries as a reminder of how different people are. There are graves from every race, religion, and class of people. There are the graves of the rich that are ornate and are overgrown with foliage that was once intended to beautify these graves. Then you have the graves of the paupers often buried by their families in the dead of night with simple markers. It's a reminder that we are all made equals in death.

When I released Broken Earth in November 2013 I was working on the second yet unnamed book at the time that follows Jess' journey with her family after the events in Broken Earth. 

Why Shattered Hearts?
The title itself foreshadows what happens in Shattered Hearts. I knew I wanted to write about the hearts of the people that live in this world in the second book. I wanted to delve into the characters more after giving you an overview in Broken Earth.

What is the premise of the story? 
Jess and her family leave the city and travel through the cemeteries. In this time they meet new people and settle for a time in a new place. Relationships are tested with the new characters in the story. I don't want to give up too much of the story so as not to spoil it for those who have not read the series. If you've read Broken  Earth you'll love Shattered Hearts.

Where can you get my books? I'm glad you asked!

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Lee Ryder is a mother of 3 children and one angel. She currently lives in New England. She started writing small works at an early age and was featured in local publications. She studied theater and vocal performance and was featured in several plays. She believes in love at first sight and married her soul mate at age 19. She also has read, reviewed, and edited other published works. 

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