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Feb 20, 2014

Tour Stop: Poison Apology by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:40 AM

Poison Apology is the companion piece to the novel Winter’s Island.
In this novel, we meet Ivy Naidoo, an international model from Johannesburg, SA. She is in a world where she only lives for others, whether it her abusive parents or her greedy manager. With a last stitch effort to fight through her daily pain, she takes a modeling job in the beautiful Saint Thomas, VI. On her first day in the tropics, she meets a commanding man named Jeremiah Gatling that has an allure that she has never experienced before. She is so drawn in that it forever changes her life and existence as she knows it.
Jeremiah Gatling is a powerful man who is living his days out on the breathtaking island of Saint Thomas when he meets the woman that will always be bonded with him from first sight – Ivy Naidoo. He brings her into his world offering her love and loyalty. He frees her from her treacherous life only to implant her into his own personal Hell. He feels remorseful for making her live through his suffering but little does he know, some Hells are better than others.

Before we start talking about your book, why don’t you tell everybody a little bit about yourself?
Well I am from St. Louis, MO, I’m a mother of four, and I love to cook.
Besides writing, what other things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I enjoy cooking, playing around on social media, reading and reviewing, flirting with the beautiful men of the world, and gaming.
What is your daily routine as far as when you have an idea for your story?
I tend to wake up and listen to music first to get some visuals in my head then I get right to the writing. If I have to do research, I tend to do that first before the story starts.
Do you have a muse and it have a ‘muse’ have a name?
I have many muses – a different one for each story. For Poison Apology, my muse was Jessie M’Bengue who is a model that put me in mind of the main character as soon as I saw her. I modeled the entire character off of her look – afro and all.
Are any of the stories you’ve written based on real life experiences?
My first book, Memoirs of a Succubus, was based off of my past experiences with lovers. Winter’s Island was based off of my real-life inspiration/muse of William Gatling – his name is William as well. He is from St Thomas, VI and has fangs <winks>.
What other genre besides the one you are writing about now would you like to venture into writing?
I write in so many genres. I have books mainly in paranormal romance and one in interracial romance. I have started pieces for adult humor, historical romance, sci-fi, and young adult.
Who are your favorite authors that are out now?
I love Nia Forrester (contemporary romance), Olivia Linden (interracial romance/drama), LeTeisha Newton (paranormal romance), Chamsil (poet/fiction), Kaiserrific (poet/short story), John Meany (horror/suspense), Cat Grant (m/m erotica).
Who is your favorite female and male characters from your books and why?
I would have to say favorite male is Jeremiah Gatling of Winter’s Island and Poison Apology and Ivy Naidoo of Winter’s Island and Poison Apology because everybody loves a good villain.
What do you think is the hardest thing about being a writer?
After all the writing, plotting, editing, and marketing is done the finality is the hardest and the insecurity that sets in.
What advice would you give someone who wants to start off being a writer?
Always think outside of the box. This world changes everyday and to win you must be miles ahead of the curve.
If you hadn’t become a writer, what do you think you would be doing right now?
I would be pampered by a successful business owner and living out my days as a wonderful mother and home chef…oops…already doing that. Um, I would be a professional gamer.
Apology Excerpt
As evening neared, Jeremiah told Ivy that instead of going to their usual haunts, they would go to dinner at a restaurant near the market place. He realized that it wasn’t feasible to keep her contained in so-called safe areas where their kind was accepted, she needed a challenge. So he settled on a tourist rich area in a civilized setting. He let her know that this was a ritzy restaurant not like their usual hole in the wall eateries so they were to dress accordingly.
He sat on the couch in a charcoal colored suit with black tie as he paged through the channels on TV when Ivy appeared. She was wearing a sleek, form-fitting black dress that fell to the ground but split up the thigh of her left leg stopping at cinch near the slope of her hip. The strap crossed over her right shoulder where his mark was while her stiff nipples called him to attention. She had wet her lightened hair and slicked it back into a tight bun with diamond hoop earrings dangling from each ear and the platinum bangles on her wrists. The glow of her skin was intoxicating. Her silver strappy heels made his mouth water. All he could think of was her toes in his mouth.
Jeremiah pressed the heel of his palm to his bulge with the urge to lessen the strain on his hardness for her. He stood and went to her.
“You’re more beautiful than the moon.” He traced the line of her crimson tinted lips before he placed a soft kiss on them. “Tonight we’ll have a great time. Things will be a little different, but I know that you’ll do fine.” Jeremiah couldn’t help but see the strained smile that she offered, so he took her hand in a firm grip and guided her out of the house.
Their drive was quiet as usual with the sounds of Jeremiah’s Soca and salsa mix keeping them entertained. Traffic was heavy as usual, but it didn’t take them too long to get to their destination. He found a parking spot close to the restaurant entrance. Once he shut the engine off, he took in his surroundings. They were on a busy street filled with people walking about with shopping bags, others dressed in their finest for eating or stage shows, some with their children…oh, shit, kids, he thought. He never took Ivy around children before and he was terrified how she would react around them. Their innocence could be hard to resist for even some of the strongest of his race.
“I want hurt them. I promise,” she stated looking in the same direction as Jeremiah. A little boy was running toward his mother with a shopping bag full of things. “Children are off limits, I got it.” She gently squeezed his hand that she had been holding the entire drive. It was a gesture of reassurance. She would control herself when needed.
He stepped out of the car and circled it to open her door before she could. He wanted the night to be perfect. Jeremiah planned on being a gentlemen and carry out all of her needs. They would enjoy themselves without the worry of being reckless for at least one night.
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Author Bio
Lillian MacKenzie Rhine (“Lilly Mac”) writes in several genres ranging from paranormal to historical. She believes that the possibilities of creation should not be limited to just one category, but allow the story and characters to dictate where the journey leads. Being a beta reader for several years has allowed her to write her material with the reader in mind giving her books a more realistic and relatable approach.
Her debut novella, Memoirs of a Succubus, is a loose rendition of her life portrayed into a paranormal format. She has gone on to write a steamy, vampire romance novel, Winter’s Island, two months after her debut release with many more works in progress releasing about every two months. Her website is also full of free reads and interesting posts that are enjoyed by many genders, races, and adult ages.
“An open mind expands all horizons, and I don’t want to miss a thing.” ~ Lilly Mac

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