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Feb 1, 2014


Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:45 AM

A little while I go I interviewed the organizer of this anthology, Frank Zubek and several of my writer friends submitted stories for their third publication.
Submissions will be closing for this soon and I thought I should just send a shout out about it today for those who missed on the interview.
This is solely FYI but if you can’t make use of it but know someone who can, please kindly pass the link to this post to them.


 Frank said.....
Stella Wilkinson thought up a charity anthology for a UK charity which grew to three books.
Something To Take On The Ride and Something For The Journey came out last year.

Something To Take With You is due in March and the deadline is Feb 28
Send the story to Stella
Contact Frank on:


1,000 word limit
It CAN be an old story but can never have been placed on a critique community board or face book or blog or webpage. Amazon has little robots with bad tempers and they'll find it and flag the book.
Better to be safe and just submit a fresh idea, Not tough to do 3 pages.
No erotica or extreme violence but anything else goes.
Add an email or webpage/blog link at the end with a really brief bio.

Any questions feel free to email Frank or Stella
Just remember she is in the UK and Frank isin Ohio so depending on when you ask depends on when we'll see it and reply but we've been known to get back to anyone anywhere in 24 hours.


Feb 15 I'll post the new Question and Answer thread on WHAT BRICK WALL 
Feb 28 is the deadline to have all stories in
March 2 thru March 7  we will be editing

We're hoping to release the book before the end of March but no firm date quite yet

And we do plan an omnibus edition of all 3 books sometime around late July

Here is the link to the thread at the kindle online community where we all hang out- feel free to join up if you wish.

Any questions ask! Remember the deadline is in 4 weeks


The story you submit is a donation
Nobody is getting paid for doing this work and all proceeds go to a children's hospital in the UK.

You can email Frank the story and he will forward it to Stella but in reality he is just the marketing man. Stella is the official editor/boss. If you submit and do not hear from Stella by February 28 please email her again to be sure your story was received and accepted.
Take note that as in all anthologies----SOME stories, unfortunately, don't make the cut for one reason or another. Be sure you were at least seen!

Goog luck to all who enter!!!!

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  1. Great idea but I just don't have the time at the moment.


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