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Feb 26, 2014

Why would you love Nate? Let me telll you: Guestpost

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If you have not signed up to review this 60 page Sizzler as yet, i recomment that you do so fast.

Have you ever fell head over heels in love? In fact, have you ever fell head over heels in love with a man that you know to be totally wrong? If you can relate, then Loving Nate is the perfect story for you. 

Leah Daniels is highly likeable and completely vulnerable to Nathan Moore. When she literally runs into him on her first day at a new job, there’s no telling where this infatuation of sorts will go. In fact, she plunges head first into a firestorm of heated passion, allowing the flames to consume Leah to the core. Can you relate?

Have you ever craved someone so much that you just couldn’t resist the urge to give in, no matter the pain? If so, then Loving Nate is the perfect story for you.

Loving Nate is Leah's story of falling in love with Mr. Perfect. Leah falls fast and hard, losing all sense of reasoning. Love can do that to a gal, especially when the guy is as smooth as Nathan Moore. Loving Nate is about Leah's journey of falling in love, when she should have been standing in love.

Author’s Note

I’ve decided to provide two very different endings to this novella. Have you ever made a decision and wondered whether or not it was the right choice? Or perhaps you made the right choice because you knew that the alternative would’ve been disastrous? This is my gift to readers. Regardless of Leah’s final choice, I wanted readers to be able to reflect on the possibilities.

When I arrive, his player welcomes me with Rihanna’s Stay. I literally fall into his embrace. Nate’s lips are tangy. He must’ve been eating an orange before I arrived, but as I walk in the door, I’m his fruit of choice. All the loneliness, distress and emptiness gradually diminish. It’s so good to be wanted, to belong to someone, to nestle in his arms.
“Leah, I’m sorry,” he whispers into my ear. His breath is hot, tickling its way into my spine. I feel his desire strumming along my neck and shoulders, sinking lower down my back. “I missed you.”
Rather than ask for an explanation, demand more than a dry old plea, I merely advise, “It’s okay, Nate.”
He’s happy. His manhood comes alive against my waist, a sensation tingles deep within my womb.
“Just know that it’s always you, baby.” His promises are bittersweet nectars. I set aside the sourness beneath my tongue. Everything else, I savor above ground. My time with Nate is too valuable to contaminate with arguments.

Loving Nate is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Janice G. Ross was born in Guyana, South America; however, she has been residing in the USA for many years. Her love of words has been built over years of reading, personal writing and "life on life's terms". She believes that writing is about gathering up the jagged edges of life and connecting them with her audience. Janice can be found through her Amazon page:

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