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Mar 21, 2013

5* #Review OF Loving Nateby Janice Ross @JGWriter

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:42 PM

My Review

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This book has ripped me to shreds emotionallythat’s the first thing I have to say.
I say this because I have been Leah for most of my adult life. That’s why I am so hung up on the conviction that baby girls need their daddies. Good men who will instill in their girls a sense of self worth that will not fail them to life’s shysters as happened to Leah. And myself on more than one occasion.

I think that’s why I took forever to finish this little novella. I kept wanting to slap Leah and thereby convicting myself and you know the whole thing about taking the log out of your own eye first.
The endings, both of them are heartbreaking to me…
Ms Ross just doesn’t let up or give us a break. She dishes it out just as life does and you choose to either make lemonade out of the sorry mess as done in ending 1 or disintegrate into something you don’t even recognize or want to know as in ending 2.

I have read a number of reviews that said you choose which ending you like, but I don’t think it is even a matter of choosing really more than it is representing the characters of both types of women who fall prey to these men.

Some women are able to rip themselves away and sort to start anew even if it might mean settling for something lessfiery and passionate.
Others remain addicted to the scoundrel and his mess and become victims who never make it out

So I think what the author does it offer the reader who may be in this situation a realistic glimpse of the likely result of choosing either way, and an opportunity for self reflection.

By the way, her writing is superb, but dwelling on why I say this will make this review twice as long and this book already holds the record for the longest review I’ve done for a novella.
I hope you will grab a copy and enjoy it.



The Storyline of Loving Nate

Loving Nate is a story about a young woman who falls in love when she should’ve been standing in love. I open up this tale with an acknowledgement/dedication to someone named “Superman”. A bit of advice that I received from this man was to never fall in love – stand in love. Over the years, I’ve considered this lesson of sorts, even thinking back to when I was in a similar situation like Leah.

Leah meets the perfect man, when she literally runs into Nate. She is swept away and is beyond help. Sadly, Nate knows that Leah is weak for him. He takes advantage of his effect on her, as she allows him to drift in and out of her life. Nate is the time of man that knows how to carry himself with a confidence level of perfection. He is totally irresistible! Leah is easily led.

My personal experience was not as shameful as Leah; however, I’ve known a version of Nate. Like Leah, I marveled at how impressive his charms were and lusted for his excellence. Where my experiences part ways with Leah is that I eventually pulled away when I realized that this man might have a hidden life. I paid attention to the red flags, putting an end to a situation that was sure to rip out my soul.

I always wondered what would’ve happened if I had remained in Leah’s situation. Therefore, Leah’s journey is a hypothetical journey. I also considered something that many women might contemplate – what ifs. After taking Leah on a roller coaster romance, I offer an alternative ending for reflection sakes – walk away or fight for love. After you’ve given your all to a relationship, do you ever consider the pros and cons of leaving, especially if total heartbreak seems inevitable? That is at the heart of Loving Nate.

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  1. Oh my goodness Wendy! I was Leah at various times in my life... :-)

  2. The irony of Rachel and Leah was not lost on me madam.


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