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Mar 15, 2013

A teeny weeny #Review of All My Friends Are Spiders by @alicecussler

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:02 PM

During afternoon tea yesterday I got roped into reading an eBook copy of this creepy beautiful kiddies book.
I want to give it a big shout out because I thought the author did a fantastic job at making spiders loveable and cute and not worthy of being trampled, poisoned or squashed to death.
My 4 and 2 year old found it immensely entertaining at different levels. 
The older was more focused on the story while the 2 year old stayed enthralled with the real but beautifully captured pictures of spiders.

I loved that the story cleverly teaches the benefits and importance of nature conservation through entertainment. I can actually see this book being a very valuable addition to a grade R and 1 lesson plan.
My only concern was that spiders came out completely harmless which is not necessarily what I would like my children to think. 
I think it’s ok to give a little word of caution to children who may not have the capacity to differentiate between harmless and poisonous spiders. I’ve seen some very nasty results from spider bites.

Other than that my little ones were rapt for 20 minutes and immediately wanted it read again…….
I do believe I have just featured my very first childrens book on the blog. Thank you Alice.


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  1. First of all many thanks for the review and your encouraging words! This feedback is really important for me.
    I understand your concern that in my book spiders came out completely harmless which is not true in a real world. I missed the point because in my home country Canada poisonous spiders are very rare. I'm definitely going to include into the next edition word of caution to children about poisonous spiders.

  2. My absolute pleasure Alice. You can see how much travelling we do through books right here hey?
    Good luck and keep up the great gob.


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