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Mar 24, 2014

Fairy, Texas by Margo Bond Collins: #Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  7:52 PM

Author: Margo Bond Collins
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, YA, NA
Title: Fairy, Texas
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Themes: Friendship, Family, Teen Sex, Ritualism


Last Saturday I read Fairy, Texas, what a thrill.
 When we meet Laney she’s going through a difficult time of not only having to adjust to a new step family, but doing so in a new city, Fairy, Texas . A far cry from her life in the bustling cosmopolitan city of Atlanta.

Together with this, the immediate hatred she feels from her stepsister and the stress of starting at a new school has her thinking things could not get any worse. If only she knew.

I started reading the book around 10Am, and I remember making a late afternoon snack for my much neglected kids and peeling tomatoes for source while trying to turn the pages of my iPad at the same time. That’s how badly I needed to find out what happens next.

What I loved best about Fairy, Texas is its engaging and original premise. It felt authentic because although I have read all sorts of paranormal stories featuring everything from vampires to angels and demons and weres and fairies, Margo Bond Collins weaves a tale that gives the super naturals themselves interesting character traits and abilities even as she blends the types together.

The pace was great because despite the fact that it was  a whole 218 pages, there is no drag. There are  fresh angles and twist every couple of pages that keep the story moving forward at a moderate to a fast pace, action was thrown in, keeping things lively, teen angst and lots of lovely chemistry.
There was just enough of everything in here to keep you from putting the book down, and I was quite disappointed when it came to its inevitable end early evening.

To understand how great this story is,I should perhaps share with you that just the other day, I was lamenting on my Facebook timeline about the fact that I just cannot get through eBooks at the pace I do print. I can get through two paper backs in a week, and one eBook (if i'm lucky), in a month.
I am that bad, unless something really good comes along.

As I contemplated what I would say I when writing my review, which I kind of felt sensitive about because this is my client, I decided to give it as I saw it and mention the areas that did bother me. After all, to quote Jackie Weger, "it's all about the book."
I would have liked some clarity on the following areas:
  • I loved Josh with all my heart, but I was unclear on why he and his group, being demon,  were averse to the annihilation of humanity. Why want to save humanity instead of do what comes naturally to demons?  I think this could be a challenge with using a supernatural that is the basis of a belief system rather than fiction. As the reader I needed more to buy into it.
  • I felt that Kayla, the hateful step sister, was far too blasé’ about finding out about the existence of super naturals for someone who was as clueless as the rest of the norms. At the end she gives some cryptic remarks “things were better before you got here” (not verbatim) which got me thinking there was more coming within the context in which it was said and all will be revealed soon….
  • And why do Josh’s wings get clipped and what happens to him now that he’s wingless and alive. The only other fairies whose wings were clipped met with a permanent death so there is no precedence for a living fairy/demon with clipped wings.
  •  What does it mean for the rest of the demon nation now that there is a "nala" in their midst?
So I guess the question is, is there a sequel to the story?

I would say this is a mature YA book because until it got to the simulated sex in the car scene, I thought I would give it to my fifteen year old son but at that point I thought, no, maybe not just yet.

I loved reading this book and if indeed there is a sequel to it as these, 4 points above lead me to believe, I will be one of the first to grab it because i simply have to know what happens to Josh.


You are more than welcome to request a copy here: REQUEST FORM

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After reading the review, Margo Bond Collins confirmed that there is a sequel being worked on tentatively called: Flightless.

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  1. I've been dying to read this book ever since I found out about it through you, Wendy!! When you contacted me to do a tour for it, I took one look at that cover, and immediately agreed to feature the book! But, of course, I also fell in love with the plot!

    The only problem -- at the time of my tour participation -- was that the book was only available in a Kindle edition. As you know, I much prefer to read printed books. I'm just a diehard bibliophile! But now this novel is also available in print!! YAY!!!!!

    Thank you for giving us such a well-thought-out, well-balanced review! The negative points you raise about the book are valid and thought-provoking. Yet, the positive ones far outweigh the negative ones, and you make a great case for the novel! : )


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