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Mar 11, 2014

How To Participate In The March Book Frenzy with @eNovelauthors: Blogger's Guide

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  5:22 AM


To participate in the hop you need to:

1. Publish a post between the 27th and 30th March.
This post will be made up of:
Your (200 - 300 word) comment on which one or two of  these covers & titles appeals to you most.
VERY IMPORTANT!! email the link to your post/s to:

2. To go with your above mentioned comment  you will receive an email with information about the hop.
This email will also contain links to a reader giveaway to the value of $80 in cash (via Paypal)
eBooks for readers 
another link to a giveaway for participating bloggers ONLY (that is you) to the value of $40.
You may enter both giveaways but you have to enter the $80 one from another blogger's blog, not your own. 
Remember this is an opportunity for your blog to also gain blog and social network followers, so do follow other people's blogs so that you may also be followed back.

3. Visit the authors blogs and share:
Please try to visit as many of the eNovel Authors at Work blogs as you can.
Their post for the day will be entitled: "a day in the life of....." (book character's name), giving readers interesting insight into their books.

This HOP is aimed at promoting the books of these 8 Best Selling authors, helping recruite followers for their social media platforms as well as increase the numbers of their Newsletter subscribers. 
Thus your follows and shares of these posts mean the world and thank you in advance for helping achieve this.

4. You have not listed to participate as a host yet?
You can still submit your URL HERE and your blog will be added to the schedule below.

Thank you for being part of this tour.
I appreciate you all the more for it.

Participating Bloggers

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Lee Ryder Author-Blogger-Fanfic Artist!
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You Are Victorious
Victorious Reviews and Promotions
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  1. Dianne! What a great post! Are we kin? I am so looking forward to being in the March Book Tour with you.
    And kudos to Wendy Ewurum--tour Tour Director. That girl is a dervish sprinkled with stars.

    Jackie Weger, author of Flaps Down-The Reluctant Hero


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