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Mar 27, 2014

Let's Talk About Love by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine @LillyMacRhine: Guestpost

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  6:12 AM


Today I have Lillian Mackenzie Rhine in the house and I hope we can give her a very, very warm welcome. I invited Lillian not only because she is one of my favourite tour hosts here a Fabulosity Reads (LilLY is there every time) but she is also a prolific writer and I find her work fascinating.

She talks today about love and how it relates to her writing. grab a seat and enjoy.

Love is a very powerful element in someone’s life, in a person’s world, in the day to day. When you love someone, it can make you feel real good and it can make you feel the lowest of lows. One can be sated to fulfillment when they have reached that peak while others can bury themselves in food, drink, or drugs just from the heartache of loving another.
When it comes to love, I have been through the entire gambit from extreme passionate love to dirty dangerous love.  I believe that both ends of that spectrum have their place in certain relationships and with certain types of people. For me, the bad side of the love bucket calls to my spirit. I am a fan of dirty, “real” love as I like to refer to it.

It is my expressed opinion that sugary, sweet feelings do not have a place in my personal life and relationships. *They make me itch* This notion plays along with my written pieces as well. I do, however, believe that this type of love exists because I’ve seen it in action yet I tend to not mesh well with it. You see it in books where the couples gaze endlessly into each other’s eyes, feeding each other strawberries, always catering to one another … that is amazing for the moment but what happens when reality hits. Can one determine if their mate can handle trauma or negative moments just because they can wash your hair and rub your feet? Make you feel good when you are down?

Dirty, “real” love is when the bad comes … you both can hold each other up to weather the storm. When you are sick and vomiting you guts out, your mate can be there to clean you up. Wipe the filth from your mouth. When someone calls you a foul name, you have that back up to fight your battle if need be. You both can be broken together instead of just yourself being damaged goods.

When it comes to writing my characters, especially in paranormal genres, my lovers tend to be broken and full of insecurities about relationships as a whole. That is much like myself. I educate others on relationships and intimacy but when it comes to my own love, it’s a very odd thing for me. I’ve seen it all and done it all but I still get presented with something new and refreshing every time I enter into a new relationship or union. The closest I got to writing a piece with a very sweet couple, I still had elements of insecurity in their union when it came to the female protagonist. The male protagonist in that case was that pillar of strength that she needed to show her that he had enough persistence for them both so they balanced well.

To recap, we all have our own types of love and levels of passion and compassion that work for us in our relationships. There really is no wrong way to love. Even dysfunctional love is needed in some cases even if it only serves the purpose of teaching and learning a lesson. We all need love and we all have love to give and receive. This is true for any form of entertainment as well, whether it movies, shows, or literature. I find myself writing and reading about loves that deal with realism – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ugliest. No one is perfect and all that glitters isn’t gold, so I look for that when I write and when I enjoy.

Lillian MacKenzie Rhine (“Lilly Mac”) writes in several genres ranging from paranormal to historical.  She believes that the possibilities of creation should not be limited to just one category, but allow
the story and characters to dictate where the journey leads.  Being a beta reader for several years has allowed her to write her material with the reader in mind giving her books a more realistic and relatable approach.
Her debut novella, Memoirs of a Succubus, is a loose rendition of her life portrayed into a paranormal format. She has gone on to write a steamy, vampire romance novel, Winter’s Island, two months after her
debut release with many more works in progress releasing about every two months. Her website is also full of free reads and interesting posts that are enjoyed by many genders, races, and adult ages.
“An open mind expands all horizons, and I don’t want to miss a thing.” ~ Lilly Mac

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this interesting post! It's so true that love is not always "sweetness and light". Lovers must indeed be ready to be there for each other when the going gets tough. If this is not the case, then they don't really and truly love each other.

    I wonder if Lillian would ever consider publishing any of her works in printed format, as I really don't like ebooks, and would love to read her novels.

    Thanks to Lillian for the post, and to Wendy for bringing it to us!! : )

  2. Lillian, thank you for this post. Your take on love and relationships is very engaging. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself like this. "Broken characters" are always the most interesting!

  3. What a fantastic post! I love all the layers of love too.

  4. Ladies thank you for dropping in. Lillian makes me feel very good aboud my messed up history with love.

  5. Hi there ladies,

    I really appreciate you taking time out to read my post here on love. I talk about the subject love, intimacy, and mating on a near daily basis with a group of women that I lead on Facebook "Lilly Mac's Maters". We hit a lot of topics that center around healthy love practices in the scheme of dating and mating. I don't claim to be an expert but I have done nearly everything there is to do so I share from experience.

    Maria, I would like to say thank you so much for being interesting in my books. I do have Winter's Island, Poison Apology and Conquering Theana in print from. You can find them on Createspace. Those pieces deal with dirty, addictive love when it comes to heroines and villains so check them out.

    Thank you again for your added support and be sure to sign up for my newsletter which is found on my blog and website. Thank you Wendy for having me. I <3 you all.

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