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Mar 7, 2014

My Search For THE Ring....I think this is it

Posted by Unknown  |  at  10:00 AM

I haven’t done a personal post like this in a little while because there have been so so many book matters to take care of that even my Saturday Trivia spot has been hijacked.

But today I want to share something on a personal note and maybe ask for a word of advice or two.
I have not been wearing a wedding ring for over a year. My ring got lost in a manner that was extremely upsetting and through reasons I would rather not go into. 

As a result I just could not get myself to shop to have it replaced and the guilty party has not been allowed to replace it without my input. My ring was custom made and the most valuable piece of personal property I had on both sentimental and financial account. I think I’ve been holding out hope that it to turn up really. That’s why I’ve procrastinated on its replacement for so long.

But today I think it came to a screeching haIt the moment I saw this exquisite little bauble, a sapphire engagement ring.

What do you think? I have to confess I was not shopping when I saw this but it did catch my eye as do a great many beautiful things on Pinterest

I can definitely see myself rocking it…the color is divine, and I know that sapphire is one of the hardiest gemstones around (thinking about wear and durability) and it has got stunning luster. 

I know such a jewel also carries a price to match but considering that I suffered such a significant loss (sniffle sniffle …hehehe) and will be celebrating 10 years of marriage sooner than later, some of which have required super human effort to get through I must tell you…I think I can swing a viable argument for why I deserve one. 

I may not even end up getting the same considering that someone will most probably wake me up from this cloud of euphoria but it is most certainly a wonderful benchmark to set sights on.

I said earlier that I wanted some input from you well here’s the thing, the ring I lost did not have a lose band but something that kind of abstractly inferred to one in the design and mixing of the yellow and white gold. I’ve never been one for loose bands, I think I’m under the biased view that they are yesteryear.
  • Do you think I would need a band for this kind of ring?
  • And is there anything seriously wrong with using an engagement ring as the actual “ring” signifying everything?

That’s some food for thought for you. 

On the other hand these guys seem to have great variety and really awesome designs so I want to take my time looking through their catalogue as I contemplate which way to go.
Although I have to tell you I am a “bigger is always better” kind of girl when it comes to these things… this really could take right up to the actual Decennial in another year or so if I don’t get some input on this.

By the way Angara also had this one that I loved too.

The almost whimsical nature makes me think of the Irish, probably all up in my imagination but appeals to my love for Celtic designs and literature. But, alas, I don’t think it is very practical for my purpose and I really don’t think I could talk anyone into buying it but one has to admit….
 it really is a thing of beauty….


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  1. The second one does look a bit Celtic - but hold out for your first choice! Definitely nothing wrong with using an 'engagement' ring as the significant one.

  2. Oh Mary hi and thanks for popping in. this weekedn i have set it in my diary to pay you and everyone that has followed me this past week and visit and follow back.
    I am so happy you agree about that design and thank you for that peice of encouragement. I think i do think i deserve it and will hold out. Someone had better start getting a fix on his budget.


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