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Mar 13, 2014

STARTING OUT by Lorrie Farrely @lorriewrites: #Guestpost

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  6:16 PM

Ladies and gents todays post is late because off line life interrupted. I apologise to you and my returning guest, Lorrie Farrely.

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Image of Lorrie Farrelly
I’ve always loved to write, but as with most of us, daily life and work ate up my time.  It took a surprise discovery to fire up my jets.

Cleaning out my parents’ garage one day, I found an old box of family papers.  As I sorted through them, two immediately caught my eye. One was a parole, the other an oath of allegiance to the United States. Both were signed by my great-grandfather William in 1865, and they documented his promise to never again “bear arms against the United States of America, or give any information, or do any military duty whatsoever, or permit or counsel any act in hostility to the United States.” He also swore to “abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations made during the existing rebellion with reference to the emancipation of slaves” – So Help Him God.

William was an American, but he had turned against his country to fight for a new nation – a nation founded on terrible injustice: the Confederate States of America. Defeated and exhausted after four tragic, bloody years of fighting, he was giving his oath to fight no more. In return, he could go home.

I had so many questions! What was he thinking? Feeling? Was he relieved, or in despair? What would his life be now? What was left of his family, of his home in the ravaged South? Did he yearn for his old life, or seek to start a new one? What had he thought he was fighting for, and what purpose would his life have now?

The answers to those questions became my debut novel, TERMS OF SURRENDER.

When I was offered a contract, it came with so many conditions and “suggested” changes – my favorite was removing all references to the Civil War because that war “had nothing to do with the West” – I was at a crossroads. I was open to constructive criticism, but I didn’t want the novel gutted, its heart and purpose destroyed.

And so I decided to take my writing career into my own hands. I took advantage of the new opportunities available to writers today, and I became an independent author. I’ve never regretted it, not for one moment.  Now I have the freedom to write what I love.

And one of the things I truly loved as a kid was The Twilight Zone. I was so strongly influenced by the fantastic, master storytellers who wrote for that show: Rod Serling, Charles Beaumont, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Earl Hamner, Jr. My time-travel/sci fi romantic adventure, TIMELAPSE, a Readers’ Favorite 5-Star novel, is my slightly belated excursion into The Twilight Zone, and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Happy time travelling!

Copyright 2014 by Lorrie Farrelly


The accidental death of his beloved wife sent Alex Morgan into a numbing world of suppressed grief and rage, eased only by a profound bond with his son. Suddenly his life is shattered again when a chance discovery propels him into a world gone horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

Piecing together clues in this new nightmare, Alex suspects a colleague of taking a few, meddling steps back in time, changing the course of history – destroying Alex's family and his world. Desperately clinging to his sanity, he searches for any evidence his young son still exists.

Jessica O'Neil is fighting a nightmare of her own, captured and facing execution for freedom-fighting heroics in her grim, oppressive world. When Alex rescues the feisty young rebel, she resists her dangerous attraction to him – a man who's clearly crazy, literally in a world of his own.

Bound together first by chance and desperation, then by growing purpose, respect, and passion, Alex and Jessie must depend on each other to survive. More than that, they must find a way to prevent a terrible crime from taking place – a crime that plunged both their worlds into nightmare – over a hundred years before. To have a future, they will have to find their way to the past.

Image of Lorrie Farrelly

Image of Lorrie FarrellyLORRIE FARRELLY is the author of a Western historical romance trilogy, contemporary romantic suspense novels, and sci fi/paranomal romantic suspense novels. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Northwestern University, she's been a Renaissance nominee for Teacher of the Year, a ranch hand at Disneyland’s Circle D Ranch, and a “Jeopardy!” television quiz show champion. Her novels have earned READERS’ FAVORITE 5 STAR AWARDS, and TERMS OF SURRENDER is ORANGE ROSE AWARD finalist. Lorrie and her family live in Southern California.

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  1. What a fascinating story about your great grandfather, Lorrie. And I cringed on your behalf at the crassness of your potential publisher wanting to remove references to the Civil War!
    Timelapse sounds a great read - my TBR pile gets higher.

  2. Thank you, Mary. At the time, I cringed, too, and did a lot of hand-wringing as well. Now, though, I couldn't be happier with the choice I made, if only because I've had the chance to meet and talk to so many wonderful and creative people. Many thanks for your kind words! :)

  3. Wow Lorrie, I am in awe with all of the different genres that you have written in! I love time travel stories, so Timelapse will also be on my TBR list. thank goodness you made the decision to stay true to your story and go indie.

  4. This is why indie publishing rocks!! Look forward to seeing you during the hop, Lorrie.


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