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Apr 3, 2014

Challenged By Off Line Promotion? #Guestpost by @TbrownM

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:39 AM

This is one of two two posts for the #atozchallenge because I wanted to talk about off line promotion after having eavesdropped in a Facebook conversation where authors were discussing the difficulty of offline as opposed to online promotion. That can be so much more intimidating because of the face to face aspect. Not being an author myself ( yet) I asked Tina Brown to drop in with some hints and tips of what works for her that you may not have tried. I hope you find them useful.

So you think you’re finished.
I’m not saying anything new, when I tell you that marketing your books is a challenging. I learned this pretty quickly after my first book, A Life Not My Own, went LIVE.  I envisioned hundreds, if not thousands, of potential readers virtually and physically lined up to purchase a copy of my book.  Well, in reality, a lot of promoting was required for every book sold.  Setting up Facebook, Twitter, Ask David, and Goodreads accounts were only to tip of the iceberg…

To market my books, I’ve sat in restaurants longer than I needed to, distributed flyers and business cards while running errands, and networked with potential readers as I waited to board my flights. There’s a fine line between promoting your books and being a total pain the you know where.
I was forced to step out of my comfort zone to reach potential readers in unique ways.  Here's a short list of the marketing strategies that I implemented that I thought youtoo might want to consider:
  •  Yard sales – I met a local guy who is currently writing a screen play for A Life Not My Own.  His son created all the short clips that I’ve posted on YouTube.
  • Flea markets- Introduce yourself to the vendors.  My books are currently added to a local vendor’s inventory.
  • Local Civic Organizations – I received an over-whelming response with regards to an interest in my books including purchases and support at several events.
  •  Local colleges, universities, and public school – facilitate a discussion focused on a theme related to your book.
I’ve done all of these things. Some techniques work better than others. It should be mentioned that not all of these activities generate immediate sales.  It’s all about generating interest.  No one is going to knock down your door and discover you as you sit typing away in your office.  You gotta get out there to promote your books.  

Wishing you much Success.

Tina M. Brown
Co-Author of "JustBetween Us" 

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I couldn't pass up this opportunity to talk about Tina's book, "Strugglesof the Women Folk" . I loved this book so much that I am telling everyone to buy a copy. It is easily in the top to great books that I've read this year and I have a had a good run with great books from indie authors this year.

Chapter 1

Sissy knew she wasn’t pretty, cuz erbody told her so! She had all dem black features that erbody thought was ugly: dark skin, short nappy hair, big eyes, big lips, huge breast and a big butt. None of that mattered to me, cuz she was not just my cousin; she was my best friend.
Her momma and mine couldn’t stand each other, but we didn’t care.
We’d been friends for as long as I could remember. Every day, we walked the five miles to the little shack we called skool, carrying our books and lunch pails. Momma would always have something special in my pail. There would be bread, cheese, jelly and sometimes even a slice of homemade cake. Sissy never had anything good. Most times, she only had a piece of bread or some leftover salt pork.
“Ain’t got no money to be spending on some ugly thang like you,” her momma would say. Her momma hated her. Folks say it was because she didn’t know who Sissy’s daddy was. Her momma was walking home one night when some men jumped her in the woods and made her ‘with child’. That’s what the folks called it in 1944. No one used words like pregnant, at least, not the good girls.
“Ma, how do girls get pregnant?” I asked my momma one day.
“What the hell you say, Georgie?” Momma yelled, as she slapped me across my face. Georgie, that’s what my momma called me. It was short for Georgette. Momma was hoping for a boy when I was born. Maybe that’s why she raised me to be so independent. Didn’t hurt much either that my birthday was on the 4th of July. Daddy didn’t really like the fact that I was more independent than my sisters. “Don’t no man want no woman who thinks she smarter than him,” my daddy would say while my momma rolled her eyes.
“Good girls don’t talk like that. You too young to be asking those kinda questions anyway.”
I never asked her anything about having babies again, that’s for sure.
Sissy would never say anything when her momma said things like that, cuz she believed every word. Sissy’s momma, Adele, was really pretty and shapely. She didn’t work. Men was always buying her stuff. Momma would call her a whore right to her face. Aunt Adele would just laugh and say, “At least I’m getting paid for it. What you got to show for staying with that crazy ass man, but a whole lot of mouths to feed?”
“One day you gonna catch a case of the clap so bad, they gonna have to cut out dat thang between your legs!”
“You just jealous!” Aunt Adele would laugh.
“Ya need to use some of dat time you spend laying up with all dem men and clean dat nasty ass house you living in. I don’t see how any of em would even lay their head down in that mess.”
My momma never bit her tongue for nobody. People either loved her or hated her, and she didn’t care one way or the other.

So far I've only covered one aspect of my theme which is mainly book promotion.  Tomorrow i will touch on a fun aspect of blogging, making things pretty by way a tutorial for a little tutorial for adding pretty dividers to to separate your posts.

That's my D word by the way. Dividing Blog Posts with Panache 

Until Tomorrow.

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  1. Wendy,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I hope that the writing community will find my words helpful and potential readers will want to read more of my books.

    Thanks again :)

  2. A book marketing, I topic I will never learn enough about. Glad there are others out there with the skills to help me!

  3. Hi GSMarlene. I hope my experiences helped you a lil bit....


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