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Apr 4, 2014

D is for DIY Trailers That Will Rock Your Book (make one this weekend) #atozchallenge

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  6:01 PM

Lately I have been enjoying myself immensely with a brand new toy.
I have been a very busy bee with book trailers and thanks to a tutorial that was done here by the multi-talented Margo Bond Collins, I am getting better with each trailer and creating more professional looking ones with each try.

As Iwas about to give another one a go this afternoon I thought this is too good to keep to myself and the few who've seen it (all 700 of them) so here I am sharing with you a tutorial that will either save you a couple of dollars or prompt you to send a few on them my way. Either way, we both win.

I did think of writing my own tutorial down but then I thought why reinvent the wheel when there is a perfectly good set on instructions right here.  In fact this tutorial is epic. You will get a great trailer out no matter what. 
At the bottom of the post I give you one trailer done my the master and one by the student....just so you can see I can follow instructions. Actually I do believe those trailers are both our first go at it.

1. Write your script.  Knowing what words you are going to be using over the images can make a world of difference once you start looking for appropriate images. Think in terms of text that is about the same length and style as the back cover of a novel.

2. Break the script into small chunks. You won’t want to over-load your screen with text. But make sure that the chunks make enough sense by themselves to be left alone on the screen for a few moments.

3. Once you have your script ready, take a look at it and decide on the tone of the piece.  Romantic? Eerie? Terrifying? Regal? Comic? Check your script to make sure it can be adapted to that tone.

4. Begin gathering images to use. I cannot stress this next bit strongly enough: make sure the images you use are not only free to use, but also (unless you want to clutter up your trailer with attributions) do not require you to acknowledge their source. I suggest gathering 3-4 images per phrase (and maybe a couple extra); you might not use all of them, but I always prefer to have a strong image base and not have to search for new images in the middle of the program. is my favorite, but there are others.

5. Once you have your wording and your images, find music that will help set the tone. Again, find music that is not only royalty-free, but also licensed for free commercial use. I like, but there are other sites, as well.

6. Put it all together. Many computers come with Movie Maker already installed. To use it, you should put the pictures in order,  copy the script blocks onto individual images, and add music. Finally, you can choose a movie effect—“Pan and Zoom” to create the illusion of motion, for example, or “Cinematic” for a filmic look.

7. Start cutting. If you’re anything like me, you will have gathered up tons of images and will have long stretches without any words –or will leave the words on the screen too long. Be ruthless in your editing!
Additional things I have learned along the way:
Don’t try to do a long trailer; people have short attention spans! It’s best to keep it under 2 minutes; even better to keep it under 90 seconds.
Don’t be afraid to cut out images you thought you wanted—don’t let the image stay on the screen for too long, or you might lose your viewers.
Be sure to include a title slide and an ending slide with the information about the book, including where to buy it.
Make sure your movie doesn’t cut off too abruptly; let it fade to black
And finally: have fun! Be creative! The more you practice, the better your trailers will be.

I’m including my first attempt at a book trailer below. It’s not perfect; there are things about it I would change now, but I think it makes a great example because of its flaws. Overall, though, it conveyed what I wanted it to convey, and doing it taught me a lot about how to create an inexpensive book trailer video!

By the way now that you've seen her trailers I hope you are curious about her books. Writing does not get much better than Margo. I just love her.
This one is going on a Revirew Exclusive tour with me starting Monday. Keeep it locked.

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