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Apr 5, 2014

E is for Encouraging Twitter Engagement #atozchallenge #RaveReviewsBookClub

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Today in my Blog and Book Promotion theme for the A to Z April Challenge I thought I'd touch on social media, the vehicle to many a buyer of books and readers of blogs. And one of the most powerful tools on this marketing engine is Twitter.

I recently read Arlee Birds very entertaining post about Twitter in the course of preparing for the challenge during the month of March and he correctly indicated that Twitter was a sort of did he call it? 
Let me look it up...
He said: it's the cacophony of silent speech.  A lingual assault on the eyes and brain.  Twitter is all at once funny, wise, stupid, enigmatic, shallow, callow, repetitious, and marketing-focused. 

So as not to misrepresent Arlee let me say he is not against twitter, he does in fact use it with great efficiency so you need to read the post to get the proper context of that quote.

The reason I mention the post is because of the surprise I got when I saw how many authors  left comments on that post that they did not use twitter or did not not use it often. 
Some sited that they did not need yet another social media account, no time, others that they just don't get it and some, or most, just find Facebook better. Now, if you follow my blog you know that my two top favourite promotion and networking places are #Twitter and #Google Plus for books. Hence, I wrote the #Twitter Series which outlines why I love this site and how to use it effectively. 

I personally find that the time it takes to get the kind of reach I need when I promote a book or any product, I get it with minimal effort on Twitter and cannot even contemplate how to reach it on Facebook. Of course when I combined the twitter with Google Plus the SEO coverage increases exponentially. Facebook seems to be where most people are persuaded to buy my business services because that is where they see my business in action and can engage with me on a deeper level.
So I think of these two platforms this way, if this was television, Twitter would be the ad and Facebook the talk show. Ads give way more exposure and likely sell more product where as the talkshows focus is to help us identify more with the person as or brand as we interact as a more personal level and there by also hopefully contributing to sales. Both are necessary, but both have their place. 

So it surprises me when an author has hours to spend social networking on Facebook and yet no time to set scheduled tweets which will free them to do what they need to for the rest of the time and spend less time hosting talkshows.

But let me not go on a tangent about this and only say, I think a writer with a published book that does not have Twitter on their promotion paraphernalia, is doing that book a considerable disservice. 

For the newbie to Twitter there are ways of easing into the tweeting culture should you decide to take it up at some point.
One of these is via Facebook where authors have formed groups to help each other get word out on Twitter about their books because they recognise that Facebook cannot give the kind of exposure Twitter does. The idea here is that you write one or two tweets to share with the group, you post them (preferably in the morning) on the groups timeline and the rest of the group will tweet them throughout the day. Not only they but their twitter followers will retweet you as well.

The more members there are in a group the more tweeting gets done. This is costeffective on time and will most certainly make sure that masses who are interested in books lay eyes on your book.
So why not start up by joining one of them. 

Here are a few of these groups that I am familiar with and are doing great work:

And last I want to mention that this post was actually inspired by a newsletter I received this week from the only book club that I think works wonders for authors. I will write a special post about this club but you dont have to wait for me. If you want the kind of support for your books that only a few authors get to enjoy and  others only dream of, i recommend very strongly that you join RAVE REVIEWS BOOKS CLUB
They like to know who invited you so please mention by name: Wendy Ewurum at Fabulosity Reads.

We are currently on a project to promote an author every Tuesday (#PUSHTUESDAY) selected by an online random selector and these were some of the results from the trail week. 

Our #PUSHTUESDAY winner @Dawn_Skyy's Amazon ranking was 1,297,903 when she was posted at midnight on 4/2/14.  By 4:43 pm on 4/3/14, her ranking had dived down to 37,267 and it has since gone lower and lower, so low, that she made AMAZON'S BEST SELLER'S LIST, Top 100 Under Mystery and Thriller at #22!!!

This is why I thought it wise to encourage you about Twitter. In my eyes it really is worth some serious consideration.

Tomorrow my F is most probably going to be Followers: Effective Ways Of Increasing Yoru Twitter base

What are your thoughts on Twitter?

To see what everyone else is talking about on their blogs please visit the #AtoZChallenge list.
Have fun and follow but remember to leave an elegant link back to your blog so they can follow you back.

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  1. I never thought I'd ever join Twitter, and I did. Still trying to understand the concept of hashtags...

    1. I'm just happy you on it Cathrina. It will pay off.
      On #tags let me put it this way. When i see your tweet and retweet, I am sharing with 4600 people who are following me. Not all will see it but hopefully a large amount, say hopefully 500 or more.

      But when you add a #tag on that tweet it means this gets so much bigger than just thepeople following you or sharing your tweet, When you add the # in front of "author" for example, it meants whoever is looking into that word on the internet has increased likelihood of coming across your tweet, It expands your reach on twitter that much more.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow! Such a helpful post! I'm going to share this with my pals.

    I'm a big fan of Twitter. To me, it's like a global coffee house where I can mix and mingle with all sorts of interesting people. I've even gotten writing assignments through referrals there, and chatted with the authors of some of my favorite books.

    ~Tui Snider~
    @TuiSnider on Twitter
    My blog: Tui Snider's Offbeat & Overlooked Travel
    I am also part of the #StoryDam team, a friendly writing community!

    1. Thank you so much for that share Tui. I appreciated. I loved your earth post too today

  4. I got my Twitter account before I started blogging. I wasn't even on Facebook as much as I was on Twitter. Now it's reversed because I have such a hard time keeping up with my Twitter feed. But I'm on several times a day.

    I agree with Tui about it being like a global coffee house. I can mix and mingle without having to be shy about what I say. Of course you still have to be careful. What you say is kept online forever and you don't want to leave some incriminating information behind.

    But this was an interesting post and gives me a lot to think about for when I'm ready to start marketing my books (once they're published).

    My blog:

    1. Sorry. Blog should be

    2. HI A.nnikka. I dont have much conversation going on, on twitter. its much too hectic. But you do get to meet some really awesome people on there.

  5. Twitter and Google Plus are the ultimate combination. Toss in Pinterest and it's no holds barred.

    I am done with Facebook. Oh, I still use my personal profile, but my pages are ignored. I don't believe I am doing myself a disservice.

    In fact, in the last 6 weeks that I have been using Twitter and Google Plus, I have tripled my numbers in comparison to Facebook.

    So, I will use my FB pages as a landing page directing people to the other social media sites.

    Can you tell I have lost all interest in Facebook? ;)

    1. Oh and I completely forgot to add pinterest. I never do without a pin.

  6. Carrie, you are preaching to the choir here. I keep Facebook really because that is where my blog tour business seems to be sourcing clients but as far as using it to promote books, its just not optimal.
    Especially considering the amount of policing it has, its just not configured for the kind of sharing you need to do to get maximum exposure. And the pages have just gone redundant since they decided to capitalise financially on that.

  7. Great post. Totally helpful, thanks! Also the comments are useful too. Wendy, you asked new followers for a link. Here is my "elegant" site is .... see you again!

  8. Great post !
    I think Twitter is an amazing platform for almost any kind of business. The use of hashtags helps reach a wider audience and allows for exposure in wider networks. With platforms like TweetDeck / Hootsuite - one can schedule tweets well in advance and even link the tweets to your personal / business Facebook page (and if you're on LinkedIn - it can even link to that)
    Thanks for sharing ! =)

  9. I've been using Twitter for a couple of years now and, although I know I don't use it to the best of my ability (I'm never quite sure exactly how to tweet with others and, more importantly, when!) I do try! I'll certainly be back to check out the rest of the A to Z Challenge (I'm also a participant) as your post was very useful indeed. So thanks for that :)
    Find me on Twitter at Fiction_Dreams and Suzy_Turner


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