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Apr 24, 2014

#Guestpost _How to Make Your Characters Believable by Carmen Desousa: @Author_Carmen

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I recently hosted a promotional post for this author and now I am following it up with this guestpost. Guys and gals please help me welcome, Carmen Desousa, author of the newly release prequel to her series: Creatus (They Exist): The Prequel (Creatus Series)

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I bet Carmen does not even remember that she wrote this post for me considerng how busy and excitable we all were during the March Book Hop with eNovel Authors at Work.
Meantime it this post has constantly been on my mind insisting on getting some airtime. Well here it is. 


We authors are an eclectic bunch; we have to be. How else could we design the multitude of characters needed to create a work of fiction?

In every story there must be a protagonist, most know this. But without an archenemy, be it a person, a character flaw, or a psychosis, where would the conflict stem?

If we as writers cannot imagine—get into the heads of—different emotional aspects of characters, how could ALL the characters be believable? It’s easy to design a protagonist after yourself or even someone you know. But how do you create a character whose mind you never really want to be a part of in the first place?

Research is one way, tons of it. But you also have to possess the ability to identify with the psyche of someone you’d rather not understand. You have to put yourself in their shoes, recognize they are people. They may be the 'bad guys', but they typically have families, go to work, and play just like the rest of us.

A truly believable character must have some normal human characteristics, or they won’t be believable.

Every time I jump into the mind of my so-called ‘bad guys’, my publisher cheers. She loves them. Why? Because the characters are realistic. Yes, they may be the ‘bad guys’, but they still live, work, and socialize in the real world.

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  1. Thank you, Wendy! I hope your avid-reading friends will enjoy my jaunts into the 'bad guy's' head. I have some readers who get mad at my characters, but I think that's good. If I have you yelling at your Kindle, it means I made you believe. :)

    1. Most definitely carmen. I love characters who make me hate or love them and give you hangovers.

    2. Good post, Carmen. It's so true that we have to make the bad guys every bid as believable as the good ones. If we paint them all bad through and through readers wouldn't believe they were real.


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