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Apr 17, 2014

How Not To Bungle Your Google Plus Sharing & O is for Out of #AtoZChallenge...sadly

Posted by Unknown  |  at  1:35 PM

I started off with all the best intentions but I'm afraid I juts cannot keep up with the #AtZchallenge although I really would have loved to complete. 
I'm really sore about this point.
But on the other big L on the forehead concerning the challenge is all due to unexpected projects which came up for Fabulosity Reads Book Tours. If you have organised tours and giveaways, then I do not have to tell you how time consuming prep work is, add to that multiple authors and huge giveaways drives for more than one project at once.

So it is a bittersweet situation.
I'm sure you also understand though when I say clients come first because they pay for the service.
It's not negotiable.
So maybe next year I will be able to so both business and pleasure. I hope.

There are couple of things I've noted in social media sharing and I wanted to bring your attention to them to in case they never occurred to you. I come across them too often lately and they hinder sharing capabilities for those who want to help you with a share of your blog or book post.
Today lets gook at Google Plus.

Are you optimising your Google+ posts for sharing or bungling?
There is easy help if the latter.

May people on Google Plus seem to not be aware that when you publish a post, you need to select your target audience with each post, with each click of the SHARE button.
For most people, the default sharing icons are set on Circles and maybe Extended Circles. so I thought let me explain what the different features mean and you take it from there..

Circles: This means you are limiting visibility to the people you have let into your circles.

Extended Circles: This means people you don't know (those in the circles of those you have included in your circles) will be able to see your posts on the profiles of their friends (those in your circles).
Example: If Mary is in my circle, when I share a post and tag people in my circles and extended circles, it means Mary's circles will see it on her profile too.

Public: Anyone can come across the post, whether it related to them somehow or not.


One of the biggest differences between a Public and Extended Share is in how google indexes it for searches in its engine.
A public share can be found by anyone searching for that word.
An extended share means for the person to come across the post in their google search, they will have to have been part of the original sharer's extended circles and be logged in when searching. Quite limiting for promotional purposes if you consider the scope of the internet.

So make sure you are not only enabling sharing to yours and extended circles but to public as well.
Do this by selecting *public* as well as your circles and extended circles in the tag box. 
In practice, this would allow me, for instance, to share your post in communities where I have membership with people you may never come across.

This would only expand your reach.
*Don't forget to also set your blog post settings to "publish" so that they go to the write place when it autoshares.

I recommend that you also follow this useful blog about Google Plus only: 
This site helps brings a lot of insight and knowledge my way, in small digestible doses.

Have an awesome day.
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  1. Sorry that you won't be able to finish. At least you made it past the halfway mark. Congratulations on new clients. By the way, anytime I use my elegant link I think of you. That's a lot during this A to Z challenge. Thank you.
    Nana Prah

  2. Nana i am so happy you are lovin' it....and good luck with the rest of the challenge. its so much fun :(

  3. I hate to hear you won't be finishing the challenge! :-( New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.



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