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Apr 19, 2014

@OEBooks Blog: The Best Places, and Methods, to Find Good Books

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I thought this was something really worth reblogging.
Thank your RYCJ, this is really awesome.

Readers use many metrics to gauge how they find and select books. Some select books based on verbal recommendations. Some look at the number of reviews, or the ratio of favorable reviews. There are those who lean on pulling from best-seller lists, or selecting books published by major publishing houses. And then there are those readers like me, who must dig deeper.
Discussion-boards are one of the best methods to find Good Books, and this includes Indie Books primarily. I made the discovery a while back after visiting an Amazon discussion board; so make this my number one resource for finding good books. And not only on Amazon, but this goes for many social media boards; Goodreads, SheWrites, Blogs, or anywhere writers, write.
More so than reading into commodities like writing style; grammar, syntax, and typos, I’m foremost digging into the thought behind the words, coupled with the style. In that long ago discussion where I was first hipped onto this, the topic was on memoirs and how many memoirists do not properly research their memoirs. And I know… everyone, please say it with me… “Whatdt!?!”

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  1. So nice to come across this 're-post"... that it resonated with you. Of course too, your blog is one that I speak of, because I know you're looking for those books that speak to you. I can feel this in many of your posts, and likewise trust, when Wendy says a book is really good, IT IS REALLY GOOD!

    Thanks Wendy. Reading this means a lot to me.

  2. I'm probably a weird one when it comes to this. I add books I think I might like on Goodreads, and then I pick at random which ones I'm going to read. :-D


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