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Apr 22, 2014

#Review: STRUGGLES OF THE WOMEN FOLK by T.M Brown _ @TbrownM

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:44 PM



African American fiction, 
historical fiction, 
women's issues.


 family dynamics, 
perseverance (sp)

Book Blurb

This is the story of Georgie. She is a young black girl growing up in the 1940s in a small, rural town in Virginia. Life is hard and she dreams of better life. She experiences great loss and heartache. She loses friends and family, as well as the love of her life. And still, she remains strong. This emotional and inspiring story has a gritty dialogue. TM Brown's signature writing style is captivating.
My Review

This African American story takes place in the 1940's and that on it's own was very attractive to me.
I love historical fiction and the post slavery period in America is a particular favourite. There is a richness in the life experiences and culture of that time that is not quite common to other genres.
Not only does T.M Brown weave a vivid tapestry of life as it were then, particularly highlighting the plight and challenges of the women ...and in certain instances men of the time but I found her character building second to none. 

I love rich main characters and the story of Georgie is most certainly compelling, gripping and keeps you wanting more, but I love more a book with a solid backdrop with a multi dimensional,well developed support cast. Tthe bonus for me was in meeting these different people who help give life and progression to this story. Getting to know who they are and how the came to be, to the extend made me wish to digress and follow their lives on the side as well. 
I am very curious about the story that could make up the life of the rich heiress.
One that would dwell on the "coloured" girl that goes on with a married white man.
Even her aunt I found to be sich an intriguing character and her story would be something to read.

In short I can not find the words to tell you how brilliant this book is. T.M Brown is most certainly in a league of her own. I am looking forward to reading a lot more of her fictional work.


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