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May 8, 2014

Carrying On...because Love Can Be Down Right Disappointing: @JayeCherie (The Cost of Love and Sanity)

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:30 AM

Today I am so honoured to have Jaye Cherie on my blog and very fortunate to have come across her books. I am most certainly looking forward to just getting in there and enjoying what she has to offer. Look out for reviews in the very near future.
I hope after reading this very insightful post about the often elusive and misinterpreted love, you will go a step further and support her work with a purchase of her book. 

Now ladies and gents, help me welcome Jaye Cherie, author of The Cost of Love and Sanity

Carrying On

“I don’t love you enough.”
That’s what he said. And I couldn’t argue. He’d been trying to end it for days. I was tired of trying to convince him he was overreacting. Plus, I didn’t think that I should have to “beg” him to stick around. A person either wants to be with you or they don’t."

Conventional wisdom says move on. And yes, you have to go on with the business of living. But we still end up dragging the emotional baggage along with us every step of the way. We might become bitter and angry, leading to the question: have you really moved on or are you just carrying on?

If you’re carrying on, it will show in how you present yourself. It’ll also show in your attitude toward life. For example, if you’ve reasoned that men are awful people and that you’ll never get what you want from them, then you’re probably carrying on. You’re dragging the negative emotions from past relationships with you into future ones. It’ll appear in your demeanor and the way you treat others, including potential mates.

This, however, is not the worst that can happen. Some of us go as far as to give up altogether, losing all hope for the future. For many, I believe this is the breaking point. The crisis of faith. We are disappointed, wondering why our relationships didn’t last. Is love too ethereal to withstand the test of time?
The truth is most of us see love as a noun but we must remember it is also a verb. An action. But here’s the real kicker. You are the vessel of that action. (gasp) That’s right. It is not only love itself that must persevere. It is you that must be patient, kind, hopeful and persistent, no matter what.

This is the key component of my novel, The Cost of Love and Sanity. In the story, a man and a woman try to repair a broken relationship. One of them seems to understand what is required, while the other one doesn’t. And it shows. She suffers for it. People close to her try to point it out but she still can’t quite see it for herself. Now first instinct may be to judge her but I recommend thinking twice. I haven’t met a person yet whose errors in decision making aren’t sometimes blatantly obvious to others.
In life, we have choices. We have to choose who we’re going to be and who we’re going to be with. We’re not going to see every event coming. It could be good or bad but that’s not really the point. We must set a standard and design our life to meet it. Excuses are easy but it doesn’t feel good to never get what you want…in life and in love. Basically, we must choose love in faith over “carrying” the other stuff.

About the author

The world of entertainment has always been a priority for Jacksonville, Florida native Jaye Cheríe. Her unwavering passion for music and movies led her to photograph, interview and write articles on entertainers and personalities.

After working on her writing skills and receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Cheríe embraced the challenge of helping to build a new fashion/beauty magazine. It was there that she, not only played a fundamental role in its launch, but also decided to follow her instinct and return to her entertainment pursuits.

Her lifelong interest came into focus when she formally created Entertainment Wire. Entertainment Wire is an online media that covers news, reviews and interviews in pop and urban culture. Since 2006, Cheríe has reviewed movies and music, interviewed entertainers and kept audiences informed on celebrity news.

Jaye is currently an author with Strebor Books, Inc, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Her debut novel, The Golddigger’s Club, was released in Mass Market December 2013. Her second novel, The Cost of Love and Sanity, came out this month and is currently on tour with TLC Book Tours. The world of entertainment has always been a priority for Jacksonville, Florida native Jaye Cheríe. Her unwavering passion for music and movies led her to photograph, interview and write articles on entertainers and personalities.

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About the Author

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