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May 3, 2014

Oh books books books. I love books

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:56 AM

One of the things people get wrong with me at book stores is start up a conversation about books.
Don't do that. Because I will keep you there until the cows really do trot home.
I sometimes can see the person I'm speaking to silently screaming to be let go, but they are too polite to say "lady shut the gob."

And I just continue on merrily until I think they have finally grasped just how magnificent the book I i'm talking about is.

But the book storekeepers and cashiers love me. Because when I get that chance to make it there I shop like some people shop for winter gear. I mean I don't spare a cent if I have it. I can always find a book to buy. 
Sometimes I buy the book not because I think I will read it, usually I can sort of see where a book will fall on my TBR list before buying. But I will buy it because besides a sort of interesting blurb it may have, it quite possibly has the most beautiful cover and thus will add value to the esthetics of my bookshelf. Plus someone may come visiting and take an interest in it.

I think that might be how bibliophiles think.

I just remembered this part of myself last weekend when I happened to go shopping for books two days in a row when in actual fact I was supposed to have gone to buy a couple of clothing items for my rather unimpressive wardrobe. One day in a new book store and the second in a second book store.
Did I feel bad about it, no.
In fact I felt excited, rejuvenated....exhilarated...and I could go on.

All because there is an up side to this:
1. books are brain food which is much better (could be rationalizing)
2. my little bookshelf is now more appealing than my eBook library (happiness, i think digital print is necessary but not half the fun)
3. I bought mainly my favorite type of print: hardcover
4. I got more Harry Potter first editions and The Casual Vacancy in hardcover.

If you are wondering about the hardcover issue.....I like buying books I plan to keep after reading in hardcover. They keep better and look good on the shelf
I'm sorry that I never seem to get Laurell K. Hamilton in hardcover and I got three of hers on this trip.

Next time, maybe on another almost clothing shopping trip again.

Happy Saturday friends. 
What book adventures have you had lately?
Tomorrow I think I'll show of my online purchases of the last week.
I must have made a dozen.

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  1. Yes, I completely understand. Prefer to shop for books than for anything else. Each book is a new adventure. Can not always afford adventures of travel, but can always afford a book!

  2. Hey Gina, your first name is my second name....
    Thank you so much for dropping in. Much appreciated. To be honest I could spend an entire day in a book store and be very happy. why is life not this simple.....


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