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May 4, 2014

Some Bittersweet News: Fabulosity Reads Is Moving

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:01 PM

I have reached what seems to be an inevitable outcome. I am leaving BLOGGER :(
Recent, unpleasant occurrences with malfunctioning feeds and code errors make this step necessary.

Bought the domain last night with my current host for other websites, In InMotion Hosting, Inc, and just ugraded my plan  this morning to accommodate the additional database. For the next two or three weeks will be working hard on the design for the new website. EXCITING!

I'm actually feeling quite sad about leaving BLOGGER, we've been together for more than three years but....i think Fabulosity Reads outgrew her home and now needs better security and flexibility first and foremost.

Very very nervous about the actual move, most of all, worried about my SEO status and getting a new image. I'll try to save my flutterbys but I am scared that they may get the chop.

If you have any hints and tips on this that gave worked for you, now is the time to spill...pretty please.

I'll keep sharing as I go along and hopefully your can make suggestions...especially on the look.

I have been doing some reading on this and have had a few helpful suggestions from bloggers.
One of them being PLANNING. Of course I should know this's good to be reminded of it since I tend to be the dive in head first type.
So on my moving "to do" list I am first tacking two things.

  • Layout (this needs to be tight and  functional...very important). My current blog us all over the place because everything happened organically, this is an opportunity to sort it out.
  • Finding a good tutorial for data migration without losing SEO rankings. (I am told this is possible)

Again, if you can help with any of this or know someone who can, know that you will be saving 10 years of someone's life when you tell me.

Happy Sunday.

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