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Jun 10, 2014

Lessons Learned: Life Has A Way of Workng Out

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  3:53 AM

This is something I learned as recently as a few months ago....Life Has A Way Of Working Out
It was not an overnight lesson. It took many years of not understanding what I did wrong and regret of decisions i'd made.
And if I had believed people when they said to me that Life has a way of working out when I was in pain, the pain would have been so much less intense in hindsight, and we know that nothing has more wisdom than hindsight, so in hindsight, i think i may have been more forgiving of myself in moments when i thought i was an absolute reject... a complete failure.

I really would have taken to heart the saying: This too shall pass.
And this  is what I want to say to encourage anyone going through a tough right now and that is to say, it does and it will pass. As long as we are working on it and ourselves, no situation can remain the same forever.
The important thing is not to give in to the negative noise. My motto now is: Denial denial denial, deny negativity access.  In the midst of it, tell yourself you will make it through, you will persevere and it does not matter whatyour eyes see, what matters is what your heart believes.

I think I feel this way today because a second or two before I opened my eyes from sleep, 6 words came to my mind and they were so clear and colourful they actually felt like they were being spoken, maybe i was saying them. They were:

When victory rolls

On crimson tides

It felt rather melancholy to me... I saw this victory rolling over on a red sea... so i added a few more lines.

When victory rolls
on crimson tides,
When willows weep
In guffaws deep
When shadows mourn
the passing traits
When black crows hail
The feast display
Still shall I be, in wait for you
-It definitely made me think of war and people waiting at home.

I wonder what you think....

Ok till next tile,

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