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Aug 15, 2014

Do you know about Zulily? I love this place..... #shopmommy

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Little Lass

Have you ever come across Zully?
In case you, haven't I thought I should share it with mothers out there today because two of my absolute favorite kiddies brands (Little Lass and louette & la fleur and le papillion)  is up with huge discounts of 55%  and 65% ending Monday 18th August.

Zully is a sells that sells everything from well known brand names, even designer brands targeted at women and moms. On the banners I find I see advertising of up to 70% but on news letters I have seen discounts of up to even 90%.
For example look at this brand.
Red & Gold Paisley Sleeveless Shift Dress - Women
                                 Shades of Sunset Women's Apparel                                     
up to 80% off 
So as you can see, they are being quite modest when they talk about a maximum discount of 70%.
They have hundreds of brands to choose from as well so I imagine that's why they are so popular with stores wanting to get their wares on their sites.
I also love that they allow payments via PayPal and pricing is done on my currency. It just makes things easier....of course the discounts in particular help because no matter where I buy on online stores that are international, i have to pay customs duties which doubles my price at any rate.
Buying on such magnificent discounts with famous brands definitely makes things I could not otherwise afford within easy reach.

I know fall is coming soon so it might be a fine time to check the kids wardrobes, that's what inspired me to check on and write this post. Check these out:

So the one I would like to show is is my favorite. don't you think their range is adorable?
Anyway, happy shopping if you do decide to use solely.

Alouette and Le Papillion

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Little Lass

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