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Aug 25, 2014

Reviewing A Thyroid Vitamin That's Been A Real Life Saver _ Kelp (Thyroid Support)

Posted by Unknown  |  at  9:25 PM

I I have had a real health problem of late and I'd love for you to read this review i did on it.
Come on over to my new personal blog on Wordpress.

Aug 20, 2014

I lost this lady I loved and .... hurts #relationships

Posted by Unknown  |  at  1:38 PM

I have been lucky in that I have not suffered much loss by the way people in my life passing on. And those who did pass on I was either not close to them or I was too young to fully appreciate the impact.
But recently I was told that my nanny had died as a result of illness and I did not even know. 

She had decided to go back home to be closer to her boyfriend and her kids and I had done everything I could to cajole her to come back, but the desire to be closer to her partner (in a different state/province), was stronger.
I asked about her now and again and I knew she was struggling financially and emotionally because of the man’s hold, but there was nothing I could do about it.
When I recently asked my cousin about her (my cousin was married into the family and keeps up), she told me  quite dispassionately that she died long ago.
I don’t think I have ever felt that sensation of being kicked in the gut, but I swear I felt it then. She didn’t mean much to her family, but she meant a great deal to me….

At a time in my life when I couldn't, this lady took care of my household and raised my kids with love and care only second to mine. When she left, we were all bereft, she had become more than the nanny in that two years, she was really a member of our family. 

I remember the day my kids and I planned a birthday party for her, cake and presents (nothing grand mind you). She cried throughout the entire event. When I asked her why, she said in all her 46  years no one had ever wished  her happy birthday, never mind plan a celebration. My heart broke and I cried too.

It has been 2 weeks since I heard the news of her death and there is not a day that has passed since then that I have not thought about her.

I didn’t understand why her death affected me so much until I told a friend about how hurt I feel about it, especially by the way anyone people who speak about her seem to not have given a toss. She explained to me that others don’t know her like I did. To them, she is someone from whom nothing was ever expected, the lowest in the family who was the pleb for the undesirable jobs.
 It didn’t make me feel better, but it gave me perspective. 

I still feel that I wish I could have had one more conversation with her, tried harder to get her to come back, convinced her to bring her last born with her. I wish I could have been and done more.
This experience showed me just how precious the people in our lives are and how quickly they can be snuffed out of it.
Having someone close to you die reminds you of your own mortality and gets you to ask the deeper questions:

  • Am  living the way my life deserves to be lived because truly I is not a rehearsal.
  • I asked myself where is she now, where will my own soul be going?
  • What will become of my kids?
  • Am I taking care of myself to make it last as long as God would like?
  • And I pray more that He would keep me to seem my children being independent, well adjusted adults, and if I get to see my grandchildren my heart will burst.
It also caused me to reflect on the  importance of talking things out. The fact that I could not find anyone who cared enough to talk about this loss had me not only feeling hurt but angry and frustrated. At whom I don’t know, but I suspect I was blaming the people she lived with for not taking care of her, for not loving her enough. 
Rather narcissistic of me, but I felt that.

When my friend spoke to me about her, I accepted that what I was feeling was an irrational sense of responsibility and inadequacy. As much as I feel that life dealt her a tough blow throughout her life, I did do all I could outside of sending kidnappers to her.

I hope that after this life she is in a good place. That she was finally able to find the peace and happiness that alluded her from birth in this life. That she knows she was loved.
More than anything I pray that she is in a place that is deserving of her humble and beautiful heart and spirit.

RIP Maggie Mzamela

Aug 15, 2014

Do you know about Zulily? I love this place..... #shopmommy

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Little Lass

Have you ever come across Zully?
In case you, haven't I thought I should share it with mothers out there today because two of my absolute favorite kiddies brands (Little Lass and louette & la fleur and le papillion)  is up with huge discounts of 55%  and 65% ending Monday 18th August.

Zully is a sells that sells everything from well known brand names, even designer brands targeted at women and moms. On the banners I find I see advertising of up to 70% but on news letters I have seen discounts of up to even 90%.
For example look at this brand.
Red & Gold Paisley Sleeveless Shift Dress - Women
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up to 80% off 
So as you can see, they are being quite modest when they talk about a maximum discount of 70%.
They have hundreds of brands to choose from as well so I imagine that's why they are so popular with stores wanting to get their wares on their sites.
I also love that they allow payments via PayPal and pricing is done on my currency. It just makes things easier....of course the discounts in particular help because no matter where I buy on online stores that are international, i have to pay customs duties which doubles my price at any rate.
Buying on such magnificent discounts with famous brands definitely makes things I could not otherwise afford within easy reach.

I know fall is coming soon so it might be a fine time to check the kids wardrobes, that's what inspired me to check on and write this post. Check these out:

So the one I would like to show is is my favorite. don't you think their range is adorable?
Anyway, happy shopping if you do decide to use solely.

Alouette and Le Papillion

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Little Lass

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8 Foods to Reduce Swelling and Edema by @luxuryspot

Posted by Unknown  |  at  3:19 PM

I came across Luxury Spot via Networked blog and because I just stopped eating meat, a full month now, I'm finding myself very interested in food and alternatives that might help me with what to eat. It's such a challenge for me because I now realize just how dependent my cooking was on meth. 
But I cannot stomach it now and changing my food preparation methods and being more informed has become most necessary.
I also have this swelling problem being dealt with here so this article really could not have come at a better time for me. 
I hope it helps you too.

by Andy at Luxury Spot

Get rid of swelling by eating the foods listed below…

There are many things that can cause swelling in the body–or edemas, as doctors say. Most common in the ankles, edema can often be the result of a medical condition that causes one of your body parts to fail. If your liver, heart, or kidneys aren’t working properly, you may find your ankles and other body parts swell up.
Thankfully, there are a few foods that can help you to fight the swelling effectively:
  1. Salmon — No food is more effective at treating swelling than salmon, thanks mostly to the Omega-3 fatty acids the fish contains. These fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, meaning they will fight swelling and reduce inflammation in the body.
  2. Nuts – All nuts are rich in fatty acids, but there are a few that are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts and almonds are two of the best nuts to eat to fight swelling, and with a handful or two of nuts per day, you can reduce edemas.
  3. Olive Oil In olive oil, there are certain compounds that are known to fight inflammation in the body. Adding a bit of olive oil to your diet (used cold, never heated) is a good way to provide your body with the anti-inflammatory nutrients it needs.
  4. Coconut Oil – Coconut oil contains fatty acids similar to Omega-3, and you’ll find that a bit of coconut oil is a good tool to help you fight edemas and swelling.
  5. Bananas – Bananas are an excellent anti-edema food, as they drain water from your muscles. Considering that the edemas are likely caused by excess sodium consumption, balancing out the intake of sodium with potassium is a good way to prevent and combat swelling.
  6. Sweet Potatoes – Another potassium-rich food, sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of Vitamin A. They’re one of the best foods to eat to improve organ health while combatting edema and swelling.
  7. Apricots – Loaded with the swelling-reducing mineral potassium, apricots are one of the best things to eat to combat your edemas.
  8. Dandelion Tea – Dandelion tea is excellent at helping to reduce edemas, as the tea is rich in vitamins and minerals that will fight swelling.
With these 8 foods, you can improve your edemas and reduce the swelling.

What to AVOID

Edemas are usually the result of one of your important organs shutting down, but did you know that the food you eat can be the cause of your organ shutdown?
For example, if you eat too much sodium, you increase your blood pressure and reduce circulation. This reduced heart function can lead to edemas, so cutting back on sodium is a key to fighting edemas. Considering the strain that excess salt can place on your kidneys, it should come as no surprise that cutting salt intake is one of the best ways to fight edemas.
Excess fat can also put a strain on your organs, particularly your heart and your liver. Fatty liver disease is the result of a high-fat diet, so cutting fat is one of the best ways to improve liver function. Fat can also cause cholesterol buildup in the veins and arteries, leading to poor circulation and an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Basically, to be healthy and to prevent edemas, it’s important to cut/reduce:
  • Caffeine/alcohol/stimulants
  • Fatty/Fried Foods
  • Artificial ingredients
  • High-sodium foods
Do this, and add more raw foods and water to your diet, and you’ll find that your edemas are a thing of the past!

Aug 14, 2014

Book Blast Tour Stop Schedule: Dragon’s Revenge by Kasper Beaumont

Posted by Unknown  |  at  4:00 AM

Book Synopsis

Dragon's Revenge is the thrilling conclusion to the Hunters of Reloria trilogy. 

Magical Reloria is beset by hordes of invading enemy ships carrying giants with ocular laser beams. People and creatures from across the land band together against the invasion, while our group of heroes, the Hunters of Reloria, seek to restore the defensive shield to their borders. A savage attack on the dragons’ town decimates the population and leads the surviving dragon to pledge revenge against the invaders. 
Epic battles with dragons and giants ensue, leading to a thrilling climax.

Cultural Cocktails
Kasper Beaumont will be featured by Janice Ross at 08:00AM EST, be sure to tune in and call in too if you would like to join the conversation please do so using the number: 

Excerpt from Elven Jewel (Book 1)

This is an excerpt from chapter 5 of Elven Jewel and the first time we see the beast.  The characters are 2 elves: Princess Shari-Rose and her guardian Daeron; the dwarven brothers Baja and Raja; and four brave halflings: Old Fandri; his son Fendi; friend Randir and a huntress named Sienna. They have been tracked to an inn by their adversary, the Vergai invaders.   I hope you enjoy it.

They followed the sounds of struggling around the corner of the inn and saw an incredible sight.  A sopping wet Princess, wearing only a towel, was being held by the arms and legs by four of the scaly Vergai.  Another of the creatures was trying to muffle her screams with his clawed hand, which she was biting on as hard as she could and causing him to growl in frustration.

All around them was a battle.  Sienna held a green-stained dagger in one hand and was struggling with three of the creatures, two of which had arrows protruding from their torsos.  Green blood was drying around the arrow shafts. The huntress stabbed at the invaders and aimed at the thinnest area of their thick hide on the sides of their neck.  Her bond fairy was a short distance away and was so intent in watching the fight that he did not see a Vergai’s rough hand closing around him from behind.  The Vergai clapped his hands together and both fairy and halfling collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Fendi had grabbed a long dagger from the inn and Old Fandri drew his broad sword.  Fendi was momentarily stunned by being in such close proximity to the large and fearsome Vergai.  He exchanged a wide-eyed glance with his father, who gave a short nod.  Together they charged towards the Vergai with a roar.  Old Fandri stepped ahead to engage a Vergai with his sword and didn’t see one of the creatures whip around and strike Fendi solidly with his long thick tail.  The young halfling gave a grunt and fell to the ground.

The final four Vergai were moving to surround Raja, who was flailing about a two-headed axe, as though he was berserk.  Baja gave a yell and rushed to his aid.  Baja threw a small axe, which felled one of the creatures, and then the dwarf got out a large wooden club and proceeded to bash all the Vergai on their knee caps.  The two dwarfs were much shorter than the Vergai (who were about human height), but they made up for it in their fighting prowess.  The Vergai all stood well back from the half-crazed little men.

Old Fandri entered the fight over by the Princess.  One of the Vergai let go of her arms and rushed at him with a chained morning star, spinning around dangerously.  Fandri was forced back towards the wall of the tavern and stumbled to the ground.  The Vergai was just about to land a killing blow with his rotating spike, when a long sword covered in green blood, appeared through his chest.  Daeron had come to Fandri’s rescue.

The powerfully-built elf looked dizzy on his feet, with a bandage wrapped around his head from Lakehaven.  He extricated his narrow sword from the Vergai and threw him to the ground.  Then he held his hand down to help up the old halfling.  “Thanks,” panted Fandri.  “I’m getting too old for this.”  He looked around and saw that the Vergai were taking advantage of the chaos and half-carrying, half-dragging the screaming Princess off into the night.

Fandri looked at the other fighters and realised  the Vergai were gaining the upper hand.  Fendi, Sienna and Baja had been knocked out cold and Raja was the only one still fighting, but was totally surrounded by several big fighters.  Old Fandri was just thinking that all was lost when a powerful screech filled the night.  A flapping of great wings and a mighty burst of flame lit up the sky.  The Vergai around Raja screamed and ran after the Princess.

The sky went dark again, after that brief burst of light.  All that Fandri could see was a huge dark shape, blotting out the stars.  It screeched again and a huge burst of flame whooshed right over the top of the fleeing Vergai.  Their thick scaly hides appeared to deflect the flames, but they screamed and howled and ran in all directions.  The winged beast flew to where the other Vergai were running with Shari-Rose and it picked them off her, one by one and threw them far into the distance, where they land with dull thuds.

The beast tenderly picked up Shari-Rose in its great talons and very carefully carried her back to the halflings and dwarves.  Her wet towel flopped to the ground by Old Fandri’s feet.  She looked like a child compared to the enormous creature cradling her in one sharp claw.

By the light from the half-shuttered inn windows, Fandri, Daeron and Raja could see the beast was a great, grey dragon.  Its body was four times as tall as a man and had a thick, scaly hide.  Its wing span must have been about 40 foot or more and the flap of the huge wings brought large gusts of air swirling all around them.  Emerald jewels gleamed from under the wings, as though they were embedded in the scales.  The dragon’s head had many horns and a large mouth with sharp teeth.  Its muzzle was long, with wide nostrils, issuing trails of smoke.

The dragon’s large, yellow eyes looked at each of the fighters below intelligently before gently placing the Princess on the ground.  Shari-Rose stared up at the great beast which had rescued her and was utterly speechless.  She didn’t even have breath to scream in terror.  The dragon flapped its gigantic wings and rose up into the sky.  It circled the inn once, then flew off in the direction of the Vergai.

About Kasper Beaumont

Kasper J. Beaumont was born and raised in Australia and lives a quiet life with the family in a seaside town. Combining a love of fantasy and a penchant for travel in the Hunters of Reloria trilogy, Kasper started to write on the urging of friends and family and enjoys watching readers become immersed in the magical world of Reloria. Kasper is a pen name for a rather shy author who is happy to remain unnamed.
The Hunters of Reloria trilogy is about the magical world of Reloria where halflings and fairies share a bond. Dwarves, elves, knights and dragons inhabit this country, but their world is about to be invaded by scaly lizardmen and giant Cyclops.
Book 1: Elven Jewel was published as an ebook and paperback in 2013.
Book 2: Hunters' Quest ebook 2013 and paperback in 2014
Book 3: Dragon's Revenge is the thrilling conclusion, ebook July nd paperback November 2014.

Connect with Kasper


Buy links

Amazon EJ
Hunters' Quest
Dragon’s Revenge
Barnes and Noble
Author page

Aug 13, 2014

Cover Reveal Tour Stop: Sanguinary by Margo Bond Collins

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Author Page: Amazon
Only fifty years left before vampires rule the world.

When Dallas police detective Cami Davis joined the city's vampire unit, she planned to use the job as a stepping-stone to a better position in the department.

But she didn't know then what she knows now: there's a silent war raging between humans and vampires, and the vampires are winning.

So with the help of a disaffected vampire and an ex-cop addict, Cami is going undercover, determined to solve a series of recent murders, discover a way to overthrow the local Sanguinary government, and, in the process, help win the war for the human race.

But can she maintain her own humanity in the process? Or will Cami find herself, along with the rest of the world, pulled under a darkness she cannot oppose?

Amazon Author Page

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About the Author
Margo Bond Collins is the author of urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and paranormal mysteries. She
has published a number of novels, including Taming the Country Star, Legally Undead, Waking Up Dead, and Fairy, Texas. She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. Although writing fiction is her first love, she also teaches college-level English courses online. She enjoys reading romance and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about heroes, monsters, cowboys, and villains, and the strong women who love them—and sometimes fight them.

Connect with Margo

Amazon Author Page:
Twitter:  @MargoBondCollin
Goodreads Author Page:
Facebook Author Page:


Margo's Other Books:

Taming the Country Star
Legally Undead
Fairy, Texas
Waking Up Dead
Beyond the Count

Buy Taming the Country Star

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Aug 12, 2014

Robin Williams has passed (RIP): I cannot believe it (#BreakingNews)

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Robin Williams Dead Poets Society
My heart skipped a beat when I saw a post to this effect on Facebook and I just had to share my heartfelt condolences and say how incredibly sad I am to hear of it,.
Are we getting to that stage in life where all bigger than life people (or so we thought) seem to suddenly appear all too human.
Thsis year started with the tragic passing of Nelson Mandela (my former president) than Maya Angelo, an icon that gave me the love and appreciation I have for poetry and now Robin Williams whose movies I grew up on and now enjoy with my children.
I pray that he, too, like the greats he has joined will Rest In Peace.
I cannot remember a time when I heard of him being controversial or demanding, but always peace loving and could be depended upon to bring laughter and hope to millions of homes and hearts. Therefore, I think this poem by BY EMILY DICKINSON is quite fitting to honour him:
“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -
And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -
And sore must be the storm -
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm -
I’ve heard it in the chillest land -
And on the strangest Sea -
Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me.
Reports on Robin Williams:

Aug 11, 2014

The Tragedy of #Gaza's Children: What are we doing?!!! @DCIPalestine

Posted by Unknown  |  at  7:33 PM

Warning: Graphic Images and video

Gaza war I have been listening to reports about the war on Gaza, but it was not until last Thursday that sat down and watch a full CNN report and wept.

As a parent, I could not bear to see what is happening to the children of Gaza in this whole tragedy. There should be an uproar over what is going on but as far as I can see there is an eerie silence from the international world. How can the world powers not be in a position to help the people of Gaza when they can interfere willy nilly everywhere else?

It is hard to not criticize the Israel's strategy at this point because even to someone who is as clueless about global politics as I am, even I can tell that there is something beyond tragic and inhumane about what is happening in that region.

Reporter Charlotte Silver said:
During the nearly month-long military offensive on #Gaza prior to the short ceasefire, Israel killed 448 children and injured 2,502, according to United Nations’ estimates. As of 8 August, the death toll in Gaza had reached 1,922.

Those stats are shocking don't you think? I saw a father holding his little girl and he looked as confused and lost as his little 4 year old as he sat in the rubble of what used to be home where he had lost the rest of his children and wife only a few days before.

In another report when schools were still operating a mother was asked how they cope with sending their children to school and she said the fear of never knowing whether they will come home is the worst of it all.
And now to know that your kids are not safe, whether they are playing in the yard or watching television is just too much.

Dangers for pregnant women
Link: Read more
The situation for pregnant women is particularly dire. Out of the estimated forty-six thousand pregnant women in Gaza, ten thousand are displaced. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports that 160 deliveries take place each day. The Israeli assault has caused a marked increase in premature births:
Women are giving birth under increasingly difficult conditions. Maternity clinics have been closed, as are a number of private maternity centers. Other facilities are overstrained. In some, maternity beds are being used to serve the wounded. Shifa Hospital has reported a 15 to 20 per cent increase in premature births, which are linked to the stress of hostilities. Home deliveries are reportedly on the rise, increasing the risks for women and their babies.

The UN estimates that around 373,000 children are in need of immediate psychosocial support, observing that surviving children are “showing symptoms of increasing distress, including bed wetting, clinging to parents and nightmares.”

Outside of praying for Gaza's people I don't know what to do. I can only keep believing in God's omnipotence and ask for His intervention and that world leaders will act on behalf of these people.

In the meantime, I am looking into organizations  to support with whatever I can financially to help the people of Gaza.

What do you think about this situation and what can we do?

The factual parts of this post I got from:

Where to donate:

Aug 9, 2014

Author Donna Fasano, In All Directions: Avocado Crazy! #Recipes by @DonnaFaz

Posted by Unknown  |  at  6:02 PM

Who doesn't love avocados? Did you know that the avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable? It's also known as an alligator pear. Avocados have a distinctive yet subtle flavor and a smooth, almost creamy texture. Here are some of my favorite ways to serve them.

Excellent Guacamole

3 large ripe avocados, peeled, pitted, chopped
3 ripe tomatoes, finely chopped
¼ cup fresh cilantro, minced
¼ cup red onion, minced
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt
3 to 5 tablespoons fresh lime juice, to taste

Mix ingredients together and serve immediately.


Aug 8, 2014

Book Blast Tour Stop: CURSED (A Yorkshire Ghost Story) by Karen Perkins @ValkyrieSeries

Posted by Unknown  |  at  5:10 AM

Book Description

She’s back. This time no one is safe.

A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor, striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill – the elderly matriarch of the village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, has been woken.

A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her warnings and the community – in particular her family – realise they are in terrible danger.

Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to stop her and break her curse?

Book Excerpt

Old Ma Ramsgill continued her chanting of, ‘I bind thee, Jennet Scot, to this valley. Thee’ll do no more harm here. I bind thee Jennet Scot—’ She screamed as something knocked her down. Screamed again as her body broke. Then resumed her chant.
The storm above the valley intensified.
‘Got you now, bitch,’ Ma whispered. ‘Got you on the run – too busy celebrating your freedom, forgot what was—’ She screamed again as lightning struck nearby.
‘Missed, bitch!’ She cackled into the sudden dark as the lights went out. ‘That all you got? Terrorise my family, would you? Ha!’
Another scream as her leg was twisted and she felt – and heard – another bone break. ‘Do what you like to me – I’ve lived a long life, more than you ever did. Too late to stop me now!’
The fire flared and sparks leapt out into the room.
No!’ Old Ma Ramsgill screamed, louder than she had for sixty years. Sparks landed on the pile of journals and bred flames. As they took hold, Ma forced her broken body along the floor and reached out. She found her own journal, dragged it out of the inferno, beat it against the floor, then rolled on top of it to smother the flames. She passed out.

It is free on Smashwords for EPUB and MOBI : 

About The Author

Image of Karen Perkins
Karen Perkins lives in Yorkshire, where she spends her time writing and publishing as proprietor of LionheART Publishing House. She has been a keen sailor since childhood, competing nationally and internationally until the day she had both National and European Ladies Champion titles. Although she no longer takes to the water, she continues to enjoy sailing in her imagination and fiction – capsizing far less often!
She has written the novella (Ill Wind) and the full-length novel (Dead Reckoning – long-listed in the Mslexia Novel Competition 2011) both of which are number one bestsellers in Sea Adventures on in the Valkyrie Series. Look Sharpe!, Valkyrie 3, has just been released and will shortly be followed by the short story, Where Away and the novel Ready About!.
Karen Perkins has also written the novel, Thores-Cross and the associated short story Cursed in the Yorkshire Ghost Story Series. Dark, haunting tales set in the North Yorkshire Moors about isolation, superstition and persecution, Thores-Cross follows the stories of Emma, a present day writer, and Jennet, an eighteenth century witch. Thores-Cross is a number one bestseller in British Horror on, and will soon be followed by the next book in the series, Knight of Betrayal. Set in both 1170 and modern day, Knight of Betrayal focuses on the four knights – Hugh de Morville, Reginaldfitz Urse, William de Tracey and Richard le Bret – who broke the sanctuary of Canterbury Cathedral to murder the Archbishop, Thomas Becket. Hiding out in Knaresborough Castle, the extreme level of their medieval sense of guilt anddishonour has horrific repercussions nearly a millennium later.

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