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Jun 14, 2011

Blood Reaction

Posted by Anonymous  |  at  9:10 AM

Blood Reaction: A Vampire Novel (Volume 1)
Author:        DL Atha
ISBN:          10: 0979335604
Paperback     $12.66 

Kindle Edition $ 2.99
Publisher:      Foxboro Press (2011)     
Rating:         4 of 5 stars

The author takes us to the bundus somewhere in rural America. A doctor living with her daughter finds herself involuntarily having a house guest of a supernatural kind. The vampire (Asa) forces the good doctor into bargaining her life away to save her daughter from the clutches of pure evil.

There are two main characters:
  • Annalice is a doctor left alone at home while her daughter is on holiday.
  • Asa is a nomadic vampire angry at the world and intending to let anyone who crosses his path knows it.

  • The beginning of the book I found quite impressive. In fact I absolutely loved it. The author doesn’t dilly dally. She is very quick to introduce the main characters and the plot and moves on to the crux of it without leaving out important details.
  • The story is told as a first person narrative and I really like this because I felt it took away long explanations and she tells the story so well it’s like watching events unfold with the teller.
  • The medical approach, I’ve read quite a number of vampire novels and not many make extensive use of medical backgrounds but it was used so well in Blood Reaction it complimented and gave credibility to the tale by merely highlighted the narrator’s expertise in the field.
  • The doctor looks at her “infection” as a medical experiment”. I think this gave great insight into what  “happens” when one is being turned into a vampire, again not many books of this genre explain this in convincing detail.
  • Her last thought which is towards her mother in the end is really quite shocking and intriguing.

  • A number of gramma and spelling errors and repetitive use of specific words and phrases. I think a good thesaurus would be handy.
  • Lack of conflict/struggle to adjust in the end after she turns felt too convenient (in fact this reminded me too much of Bella’s change in Twilight which I felt was lack lustre). It does feel a little hurried considering that the entire story has been leading to this point.


I like this book, I really do. I read it in a day and although I’m left in the dark about how things end, I’m glad the author left us wondering because for a moment towards the end I was worried that a great story was going to have a mundane ending.
I noticed that that DL is very good at tying up lose ends, there’s never a thought or event left dangling, so the fact that the end has questions and we haven’t heard the conclusion of the detective's involvement leaves me wondering whether the saga continues.
This is a great read that gives a lovely fresh angle to vampire fiction.

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  1. This place looks great! Kudos for a job well done Wendy.

  2. AnonymousJune 19, 2011

    Thank you Myne. I appreciate the compliment.

  3. D.L. sent me her book a few months ago and I enjoyed it a great deal. I thought it was very good to be her first book. Love the way you wrote your review outlining both the good and not so good points of the story. As a fellow reviewer I have been trying to find a way to tell about the things I didn't like about a book without offending the author and I loved the way you handled it

  4. Thank you Dawn. I just feel that if I had enough interest in a book to read it to the end then the least I can do is be constructive in my feedback to the author. That's why I just don't review books that I found no redeeming qualities in, especially if a request was sent in to review that book. I'll just email the author and tell them its not my cup of tea. If I bought it however, I will make an effort to finish and give a review because the intention is that the reader makes an informed decision about spending their money.


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