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Jun 26, 2011


Posted by Anonymous  |  at  12:53 PM

Author:       Neil Gaiman
ISBN:        10: 3453400607
Format:     Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, Audio
Publisher: Bloomsbury and Harper Collins (2002)    
Rating:     4.5 of 5 stars

Coraline steps through a normally locked door into the next door apartment and as an 11 year old adventurous this is quite epic, she finds this new but familiar world quite marvelous.  At first sight this other house looks exactly the same as her own but on closer inspection everything is quite off quilter.
For one the other house she finds comes with the Other Mother and Other father who want her to stay with them as their little girl. For all their effort however, she knows these are not her parents and in all her 11 year old wisdom and intuition knows all is not well. She will have to be both brave and cunning to get her life back and save those she loves and other victims of this Other Mother.

  • Coraline Jones, she is the little girl who moves with her parents (Mr and Mrs Jones)  into an old subdivided house somewhere in England
  • Miss Spink and Miss Forcible are two former actresses now retired
  • Mr. Bobo is The Crazy Old Man Upstairs who trains a jumping mouse circus.

  • Neil Gaiman reads his own audio books quite often and he is a superb narrator. I love listen to his readings because he reinvents himself every time and adorns character he’s portraying.
  • Whenever I open a book by Neil Gaiman I marvel at his creative genius. In Coraline he creates a world that is completely believable as a fairytale and yet has all the sinister plottings of a horror. Its a superb combination.
  • He so expertly captures the emotions that an 11 year old would feel that as a reader it is quite easy to identify with her. 
  • It is gripping, you simply have to know. Many times it felt like watching something horrible about to happen and you don’t want to look but you can’t pull your eyes away. 
  • Not a "not so hot" more than a word of caution.
  • I wouldn’t give this book to children who are sensitive. I’ve given it to my 12 year old son to read and write a review on because his favourite author is R.L Stine. If Goosebumps and all the rest is not your child’s kind of read then I do not recommend giving it to them as it may course disturbed sleep.
This is a story that weaves into it lessons on love, selfishness, selfworth (Caroline is not duped into believing that the Other Mother loves her because of what she says of give her) and  bravery (t is worthwhile to stand up against those who would hurt your or those you care about).
Keeping in mind that Neil wrote this book for his daughter, I do think he produced a masterpiece in Coraline., perfectly suited in prose and creativity to his target audience. 
I will definitely post my son’s assessment to get a take from the said target audience..

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  1. I've loved two of the NG books I've read so I may give this a try once my TBR pile reduces a bit. I like the format of your reviews too.

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2011

    Thank you Myne. I'm glad you approve.


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