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Aug 16, 2013

Poetry Friday: Here's To The Woman

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  5:39 PM

This is women's month in South Africa. More specifically, August 9th is the day it is commemorated. I haven't paid homage as yet to this day or to the women who are the reason behind it. We celebrate women in our country throughout this month because on this day in 1956 women in their miltitudes marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against legislation that required African persons to carry the "pass", special identification documents which curtailed an African's freedom of movement during the apartheid era.

I was reminded of the magnitude of this event this week when a friend from Nigeria was handcuffed for not having his temporary residence paper with him, on his person, at the time of being stopped by the police.
Police check for passes.
Its not easy to be an African in Africa. This is the real truth. Had it not been for the sacrifices of these women and the
men who put their lives on the line because they could stand the injustice that would visit their children and their descendents, it would be me getting stopped randomly and put in cuff at the national police's whim. For what?
For walking on my own, God given land.
There for today I say thank you to the brave souls who gave their lives for my freedom and that of my children. So that I, their future, could walk untethered in the country of my birth.

I love old back and white pictures too so I just had to share a few of these elders and ancestors of my now free country. I hope you enjoy today's poems, not political in anyway as you might expect but I just fell inlove with them nonetheless as they celebrate all women. Because even though the challenges we deal with daily an are not to the scale of this event, they would be insurmountable had it not been for the gifts contained, exclusively, within THE WOMAN.

Something a little different: Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman in song.

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  1. Everyone admires the courage of the people who dared to win freedom for you and all of the people of your country.


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