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Sep 27, 2013

About My Interview With International Speaker Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe_Dr. Ro TV (UK)

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:30 PM

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Now, Will you allow me just brag for a moment please. This has been a week of great firsts for me but I just wanna blow my horn about one.
The picture is doctored by me because of the state of my hair.... :)

When I started blogging I wasn’t sure  of it would ever lead to anything but I had this conviction that it could not be in vain that I had this much love for it. I am happy to say it is beginning to pay off even offline.  

It all started with me going to our local Chamber of Commerce last Friday to help a client with a briefing.
While there I met an Asian lady, Sylvie (I believe Taiwanese) and we somehow just clicked. She asked about my business, we spoke shop at length and then got on to social stuff which for me means social networking.

Besides my family sadly there is little else to tell. Anyway my blogging really drew her attention, especially when I told her about the author interviews. By the time I left she was on her phone organizing something with Success Resources and I could hear her talking about interviewing a speaker.

On Sunday morning I got a text asking if I could I interview a very well known speaker in the UK, Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe. If you are from the UK you may be familiar with Dr. Ro TV, he speaks on wealth creation, education and personal development. It was extremely short notice (the text said) because they had been struggling to pin the man down since he was leaving for the UK the next day but that if it was possible, Sylvie (my Asian friend) would love for me to do the interview before he leaves. 

Of course I agreed. These people work with the National Achievers Congress and they bring to South Africa the likes of Sir Richard BransonAnthony RobbinsRobert Kiyosaki (both of whom I've missed), Les Brown whom I will very likely meet in November, James Smith who I also interview in November and the list goes on.  So you see, it’s not something to say no to even if they had  told me at midnight only. I was thinking about how this would raise the profile for my company, which is my real job by the way LOL (for now). 

I got on Google on Sunday immediately, did my “research” and drafted my questions, took forever but I was happy with the authentic sound at the end. 

Come Monday morning Murphy and her law had to get in the way. First I was not too thrilled about my appearance, all the winter meals have rendered me short of decent clothes. But worse than this was that my hair which had been perfectly washed and blow dried the weekend, got some moisture on our way there and of course it being an Afro, despite all pretence, het dit gemins  (thinking of the right English term, this is Afrikaans btw _a local language with roots mostly Dutch). That term is supposed to refer to the effect of moisture on blow-dried ethnic hair. It was like a little Hiroshima bomb went of my head. I’m sure you can see what it looks like in the picture. Sleekness? Nowhere to be found. Hence the special effects on the picture, I couldnt share that with the world.

Secondly I had no clue I was gonna be in front of a camera or else I would have won black. As far as I’m concerned black will always be the “latest miracle diet”. It would definitely have helped here, not to speak of a little makeup.
Dr. Ro
Other than that, things went splendidly well. Doing my homework and preparing made up for everything else. It was obvious to my subject how much trouble I had gone through to prepare for him. Especially because we ended up having more of a conversation than a question and answer session. What also helped was that as I had questions that were based on what I had learnt about him, in his answers I could pick cues to more important things and make up questions on the spot. I had really hoped I'd be able to do this because to me that is a mark of a great interviewer.

I hate listening to or watching interviews where the subject alludes to something significant and the interview is completely oblivious because they are obsessed with getting through their questionnaire. I loved that he said on several occasions with sinceity: What a great question Wendy or you know I’ve never been asked that before, let me think….. when the cameras were off he reiterated just how much he loved the interview and at this point took time to find things out about me. 

He gave some great suggestions on my other interest (like the fact that I should earmark other speakers of his or higher caliber and interview them, compile those interviews into a book and publish. People featured in it would obviously endorse it as it gets word out about them. 

Everyone that was involved with organizing this interview was so happy that as a result I got a free ticket worth several hundred of dollars to attend T. Harv Ecker this weekend as well as attendance to seminars and interviews with any of the speakers I likother speakers who will be arriving.

Can I say it again: This has been a great week of firsts thus far. 
What's been the highlight of your week?

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  1. Very inspirational post, Wendy. I've been so tied up setting up my new author/book PR company this week I haven't had a breather. But I was quite excited when I checked my email this morning and had my first 2 client emails with bookings. So that was my highlight.

    Which brings me to ask you if you'd like to join our network of book bloggers as a blog tour host. I love your blog. If you're interested, please complete this form. Thank you.

  2. Oh wow, i am so pleased to see you here LBAS, and thank you for that compliment. I shall certainly join your stable of hosts.

  3. Enjoyed your post! Very interesting and your going to go far!! Loved it! Here from the Do you have goals blog hop....thought I would stop by and say hello!! Sandy

  4. Hey Sandy. I somehow lost time and thought today was Friday. This has gone on all week.


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