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Sep 29, 2013

The only thing dark about africa is (y)our ignorance of it

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  8:13 PM

When people are planning to travel to South Africa from the US of A or from the UK they are always going on about how dangerous South Africa is and how crime is rampant and we are the murder capital of the world. Anyone remember the pain and embarrassement we had to go through over this especially with the UK, for the 2010 world cup. Had these people never thought of Googling breaking news?

Thats' what I did a few moments ago and the first thing that popped up was The Chicago Tribune. All I’m saying is, for me, sitting in the most violent city in South Africa (i.e. Johannesburg) according to these statistics that everyone seems to be an expert at pulling out of the air….. to me it feels like I am in the safest city in the world right now.

Yes we have violent crime but at the same time if you have to compare our violent crime to what we see in the news from America on a daily basis, then I feel very strongly that we need another definition for violent crime (at least it has to be accompanied by grades). Let's not even venture to talk about the serial killer murderers which seem to live in every 20th house over there (btw do you still classify those as violent crime?).

Now I understand it could be that this type of crime is isolated to certain areas but what I’m saying is, the same applies here. We don’t have gunmen running wild waiting to go nuts at every opportunity. If another potential visitor laments about how crime ridden we are in SA and wants you (SA citizen) to convince them otherwise, just tell them yes we do have crime but our kids are not dodging bullets on their way to school or shops and we don’t have X-ray machines at school entrances either as a practical and decorative feature. At least we are not at that point yet.

And if they ask you if you have an elephant or a lion for a pet or if we still run around in animal skins, get them on Google right quick or better yet, buy them a book on South Africa and then slap them upside head with it for good measure. Do they think Obama and the queen land their jets in the forest and then hike through King Kong territory every time they visit?

A very clever European once said:” the only dark thing about Africa is our ignorance of it.” I concur.

Here I am comparing news reports from these two major cities and these two news sites were literally the first two that popped up on my Google search for breaking news:

Johannesburg (South Africa):

Tell me your thoughts.....

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  1. Great post. And I agree. People are either good or bad. It's not race or color or country.

  2. I still remember how ignorant I was when I left the U.S. to live in Germany. The four years I lived in Europe taught me how valuable experience is over what we HEAR and READ. Fabulous post!

  3. this is so true and thank you for popping in ladies.


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