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Oct 8, 2013

Don Jon's, Scarletts & Vixens _#Movies

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:31 PM

All I can say about the reason for this post is that today is Tuesday and Tuesdays on my calendar are my “anything goes” day. They are also a day when I might talk about my personal stuff like my likes outside of books.

Todays LIKE is for Scarlett Johansson. I have loved this girl since I first saw her in some movie I don’t remember forever ago. I love her and the Bridgette Jones Diary chic, Cathrine- Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Bette Midler…but I digress.

Scarlett. I especially loved her in that song with Justine Timberlake “ What goes around comes around”. I think what I really love about her is how she can be this gorgeous vixen and lovable girl next door all at once.  

There are beautiful people who are easy to dislike or the public looks for reasons to discredit but not Scarlett. Even when they report about her relationship failures, like divorce with “man candy” Ryan Reynolds, you can sense as the reader that the reporter is not in relishing dragging out dirt on her or trying to be catty but has an undercurrent of admiration. 

One would think that perhaps it’s because she’s older (28 – she’s worried about mommy roles now) and knows how to carry herself but she has been in the movie business for a long while. In fact starting with the movie North in 1994. So I guess some people are just born graceful and able to grow up grounded in all that Hollywood mayhem.
Pulling back to Scarlett.
The other movie that’s out which I haven’t paid attention to is Don John and I really didn’t know she was starring in this. Again, the TV business and I are not bosom buddies. So I guess I have a date with my TV this weekend besides the Theatre on Saturday night.

In fact while checking which movie it was I first saw her in I noticed that she was actually a main character (Griet) in a movie based on one of my favorite books, The Girl with The Pearl Earring. I simply have to locate this movie and download it. Especially, and very especially, now that I also found out that Colin Firth is in it. Forget “man candy”, give me an emotionally stunted English boy anyway. Yay, I found a tie in with books, so maybe I should scrap my apology at the top…, I’m not sorry I wrote this. If you have not read this book about the famous Dutch artist Vermeer then you might be interested in reading my review of Tracey Chevalier’s book or The Irish Game by Matthew Hart (I especially found the  Irish Game useful because it gave some  additional (almost academic) insight into Vermeer, how this painter used perspective and light as an integral part of his painting activities). You see? Everything has a book thread in it.

Do you know that after all this I still haven’t told you the inspiration for my post?
Scarlett Johansson, Esquire Magazine

Scarlett has been voted the Sexiest Woman Alive for the second time in seven years by Esquire, making her the first woman to ever win the title twice. Read More

I loved this trailer, I really must see this movie:

Which movies icons stay with you long after their movies have aired?

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