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Oct 16, 2013

Fifty Shades Hotter That's For Sure: #Movies

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  1:47 PM

I haven't missed todays Interview. its in the pipeline but I want to try posting with Pacific timing and see what effects it has. improvements hopefully. In the meantime let me bring you up to speed with the next Twilight Movies like happenings.


Early on this week we hearD that the male character that was to be Christian Grey had withdrawn from the cast. His reason being something to do with work overload....which is ok I suppose....if you are Willing to pass up a role of a lifetime for the little play next door.
Its all good because we heard in local radio that Ryan Gosling has been secured for the role. Can you see Ryan playing this role? Oh yes we we do. Now there is #mancandy in whose acting abilities we trust. 
It also helps that we didn't have to google his name first before we figured out whom they were refrring to.
(I have to say though that the more n I try to get informatio to confirm this, the less there is. But we can still wish and demand to be heard with our tweets right?)
For me its actually more about my love for Ryan than the movies, he's been a star in my eyes since i first saw The Notebook.

If you haven't gotten up close and personal with Christian Grey and Anastasia as yet, then perhaps its time you did so that by the time the movies out you will know wxactly what's what that goes in where (that is if you're into that kind of thing). In fact if you need some easing into then you can start with the review of book one which coincidentally was featured on our book review blog yesterday: Fifty Shades Of Grey Book One Review.

Happy reading folks, oh and we are told you have to keep the fan on!

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  1. It depends on the role. Some actors are interested in the quality of the role than the exposure so maybe that's why the other actor dropped out. Ryan is a great addition though.

  2. Could be Sheena but surely before you accept a job you are briefed on what it's about and it's ‏demands are


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