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Oct 14, 2013


Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  6:28 PM

Today I am pleased to announce to you that Fabulosity Reads' book review portfolio is expanding to accomodate more reader likes and preferences than just my own. My first blog associate is bookworm Elaine Minnaar (reminder to self: adapt review policy asap). Elaine is a staff member at the university of Johannesburg by day and a book lover by night with a proclivity for sweat and short breath inducing romance. She likes her books with a little kick if you will. Find her Bio under the new BLOG CONTRIBUTER tab.

Her first review is on the first book of the Fifty Shades of Grey series which is rather coincidental since the series is in the News again of late with the dropping out of Charlie Hunnam from the film adaptation.
It would seem filling up fictional Christian's shoes is proving rather challenging. Which real man will man up for the role we wonder. Do you have any contenders?

Back to the review.
NOTE! You will note that I have not activated the adults only function despite the books subject matter. This is because the reviews although they are of erotic subjects, remain tasteful and can be read by anyone not offended by the word sex which makes frequent appearance on this blog anyway.

Author                                 E. L. James
Country                                United Kingdom
Language                            English
Series                                  Fifty Shades Trilogy
Genre                                  Erotic romance
Published                            20 June 2011 (Vintage Books)
Media type                          Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages                                  514
ISBN                                    978-1-61213028-6
OCLC Number                     780307033
Followed by                        Fifty Shades Darker

Now known as the fastest selling adult erotic romance novel of all time by author E. L. James.  Okay one thing is clear about `Fifty Shades of Grey', you either love it or you hate it. I was mesmerized by the relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.  There are lots of explicitly erotic scenes including components of sexual practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism (BDSM).The chemistry between them, wow, is alive and thrilling with lots of energy, the explicit scenes often made me blush.
Just a short summary if you have not read the book yet.  It tells the life of Anastasia Steele, the innocent college graduate who falls in love with Christian Grey, a disturbed young tycoon who loves sex, with quite a twist I must say, interested in a dominant submissive relationship.  
Ana’s best friend Kate, who has fallen ill with the flu, forces her to interview Mr. Grey. Ana embarrasses herself in front of Mr. Grey by not checking out his background and by asking him if he is, in fact, gay. Mr. Grey is so fascinated by Ana, he decides to show up at her work asking her personal questions. He gave her his business card for a photo shoot for the school paper. Ana and two of her friends, Jose and Kate goes out for drinks one night. Ana and Jose totally get wasted and Ana by accident calls Christian’s number. He shows up as soon as Jose tries to kiss her. Christian takes Ana to his hotel where he takes care of her. This is when it all starts ….. Their BDSM relationship, he makes love to her, making her lose her virginity to him. That’s only one of their many “firsts”. Christian buys her a car, clothes, first edition books, just to name a few and in return, she is his sex slave, or is she really? She is very cautious but curious. She never signs the contract Christian gave her. However, she does participate in the “Red room of pain” where Christian “aims to please”.  Some of the “play” she liked but some was just too much to handle. In the end it made her leave because she didn’t know how to deal with him and the situation anymore. The question is will she be able to live without him and their secret? 
The story continues to grow throughout the next two books, which I already read as well, because quite frankly it's hot and was fun to read, and I just couldn’t wait knowing what will happen next. If you are reading the book it is not for knowledge but purely for reading something different that is romantic, erotic, funny and chilling all in one. 
I’m afraid I loved the book to much to say this!

There are lots of kinky sex scenes but overall it was a great book in the sense that it was very entertaining and I learned a lot about BDSM.  So if you’re not into reading romance or erotica, then don’t even bother picking up this book.  
Do I recommend the book? If you are open minded about sex and relationships and willing to blush quite a few times then I say go ahead.  Must say I thoroughly enjoyed it but at times I felt like strangling them both.  Well, honestly and truthfully this is my opinion on the book.


Review by blog Contributer: 
Elaine Minnaar

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  1. I may it read yet!!! Thanks for an enlightening review :)

  2. Good review. Good timing with all the movie drama! I had read all three of the 50 Shades trilogy last year. I'm glad that you are allowing other bloggers/ reviewers to post on your blog. I really enjoy your blog, and your Facebook and Twitter posts/tweets!

  3. Interesting to get another view of the book.

  4. Hello Wendy. Hello Elaine. I read all three books too, as with sales like that, you have to pay attention. I wondered why it had sold so many copies. Once I started reading, I knew it was because of the engaging characters. I was hooked from page one. The sex was certainly a revelation to me--who knew people did those things, eh? But the story held my attention. Success needs to be lauded, not dismissed.

    So, great idea of having book reviews on your blog by others, Wendy. And great review, Elaine.


  5. Hey, I am so excited that you guys are enjoying it. I'm doing a happy dance.

  6. I must admit I haven't read the book but I did like the review.

  7. I've not read the book yet but after reading the review I am intrigued. Guess you know what I'll be doing this weekend!

  8. How did you find the writing? I couldn't handle the poor writing and had to quit the book.

  9. Well Niina that's exactly it. I also haven't read the books because of reports of how extremely poor the writing is. I suppose its really about what motivates the reader: good writing or entertainment

  10. Interesting review. I haven't read the books but it's good to see others who've enjoyed it.


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