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Oct 22, 2013

How To Get Rid Of The Tweeting Nightmare: #Twitter Series Nr. 3

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:30 AM

Hi there. 
Just a reminder that JL Campbell has her Blogfest on today. 
We have all written our whose you Hero posts. 
You can Click here for mine. You will also find a Linky to other blogs to on that page:

On to today's business:


Twitter Progress Update:

Since my last Twitter post on Tuesday last week, followers have been flooding in. 
As I speak the count has escalated from 800 last Friday to just over 1400 this morning, it being now 6AM here. That’s over 600 followers in 7 days. WOOHOOO!

I'm sorry I'm gonna be cliche' and say: The proof is definitely in the pudding here. What I have laid down for your in these last three posts has taken my twitter base from 140 followers to 1400 in 6 weeks.
NOT BAD! :-)

I promised last week to give you a heads up on some social media management tools that can help you manage the amount of time you spend on Twitter. Hence the post title because to be honest it can be a schlep that keeps you away from other important areas.

If you read post number two in this series Twitting for Impact, you would have seen that I stressed how important it is that you remain visible on twitter.  On Twitter you are only as good as the position of your last #tweet. 
But that is not exactly practical. Your first priority is writing. No books, no productive tweeting. 
 This is not the solution to all your online time management challenges but I am convinced that they can make a very big difference if you take a day or two to give them a try and figure them out. 

I will share with you three favourite sites I use for different reasons, primarily because I use the free versions and some offer more leeway than others. 


I came across mention of this forum on J.L Campbells’ blog and I was intrigued.
Then Kiru Taye mentioned that I should follow her there so that she can share my posts daily and of course I had to find out what it was about.

This is a community of bloggers who share each other’s work and posts. These posts are directed to various social media platforms however the most widely used one is Twitter.
The workings of it are simple. You register and once you get to loading details in your profile you submit your blog's rss feed url

If you still have trouble finding your URL after watching the video in the link, leave a note in comments.

Once your URL has been submitted, your posts will automatically feed into Triberr for your group members to share.

When you register for a Triberr account, make sure you use your Twitter account. Anything else will not give you the traffic you need. 

Again note that You get What You Put In. The more you share the more people want you in their groups and the more your content gets shared. I go there early in the morning and once at night, it takes you me about 10 minutes each time to share posts for the 10 groups I am a member of. After 3 weeks of sharing have a reach of 1 million  on Triberr and counting.


I love Hootsuite mainly for the scheduling feature. 

Ideally you would like your tweets to go off when most of your followers and friends are online. I live in South Africa and am not familiar with peak times for online traffic in other countries.

Hootsuite takes the burden to research all this off with the auto scheduling feature.

 I love the fact that I can auto-schedule posts well in advance and Hootsuite will choose the best times to tweet them for me. 
Especially because I do a lot of promotion of people’s book, I can prepare my tweets and send them to Hootsuite to sort  out publishing. Example I will have say, five tweets that I want published a number of times a day for a certain period and auto schedule sees to publishing. They are spread over days and hours depending on how many times I click on auto schedule.

If you are more advanced than me and have been able to pick up when your people are most active online, you can manually schedule your posts for those times to get maximum exposure.

I spend about 30 minutes twice a week updating and scheduling posts to be included in the months run.

On the free feature you can schedule up to 300 posts in advance to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and a couple of others I don’t use. As you can see this little tool is pretty handy. I find it especially so for retweeting on mobile.

Word of caution: Make sure all you links work properly before you schedule. Chances are you will not see the tweets when they happen and once they are published they go viral. (Mobile App).

I use iTunes but I’m sure you can find this in your app store if you use another brand of smartphone. 

It has a lot of the functionality that Hootsuite has but gives additional access to what you can post and to more platforms. Remember I only use free tools so access is limited but you can still get good use out of them.

These are the types of uploads you can do on EVERYPOST from your phone straight to your social platforms:
Camera/ Pictures
Video Camera

You can upload/post them to:

All at the click of one button.

I hope you find these helpful. I think they are more than adequate to start you off on your journey to more tweets and managing your time more effectively online.
If you have any questions regarding this post or any of the forums mentioned just holla. If I don’t know the answer changes are, I am sure I know who does.

Next week's Social Media post will be: Why Am I Not Getting RT's For My TWeets.

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  1. More great tips. I use Hootsuite a little, but I'll use it more effectively and more often. I wasn't familiar with Triberr and Everpost. Congrats on the additional followers.

    1. I definitely would not have the time to do everything I have to if I isn't use then Lisa. They are worth looking into

  2. Hi, Wendy.
    I love these posting methods as well, though I don't use scheduling like I should.

    Everypost is available on Android as well since that's what I have it on. I can never get it to post to G+ right, and I am not sure why. Otherwise, it's an awesome ap for updating on the go.

    Great tips, I hope those not used to using twitter follow what you've laid out here. They will look like pros in no time!
    Jennifer Jinright


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