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Oct 4, 2013

SA Is Sexy: Let's Go To The Theatre_The Sewing Machine

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:30 PM

I love knowing talented people who in turn become very important people. I'm so blessed. I've long suspected I'm meant to be famous by the way, even if only by association **giggles**. So my fabulous ex- 12th grade English teacher (ex teacher by almost two decades eeeck!!) and now famous theatre director, Hennie Van Greunen has gone up at least ten notches on my love tank. He gave me an FB holla this morning saying he'd love to sponsor me and mine with tickets to his latest production currently showing in Johannesburg. My yes was faster than he registered that he's clicked send I'm sure. So that's my next weekend sorted out, the girls and I are making an evening of it.
 Wait for my theatre review of The Sewing Machine by WORDSMITH’S THEATRE FACTORY directed 
Hennie Van Greenen 
Let's Meet at The Theatre:
On from now till 27 Oct 
Wed to Sun 20:15 nightly M
atinees on Saturday (17:15) and Sunday (15:15)

Now about the Play:


Sandra Prinsloo
The English version of Rachelle Greeff’s Nagtegaal Text prize-winning script made its debut in 2012 directed
by Hennie van Greunen with legendary South African actress Sandra Prinsloo performing. This poignant, beautiful play is coming to Montecasino for a limited run at the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre.

Sandra Prinsloo plays Magdaleen, a character who has joined the ranks of the immortal female characters in the South African playbook: from Fiela and Makiet to Helen Martins, and Hester.  This octogenarian, whose world has shrunk from the endless expanse of her father’s fruit farm to the small room in the retirement home where she reflects on her life, is at once endearing, infuriating and immediately recognisable. As she meticulously cleans and packs her trusty sewing machine, preparing to sell it after 55 years, she is pulled back into her past by photographs, half-remembered conversations and the singular memory locked in familiar objects.  We meet Tielman, her immovable husband, and her four children, including the twins Santie and Wim, who occupy a special place in her heart and in her memory.  

Her journey focuses on the personal, on the family, while the dysfunctional political past of her beloved South Africa forms a harsh background to her own struggles and obstacles. Finally this post Apartheid story reflects on an age that has passed and on a new one which has left many older people on all sides of the fence feeling disconnected and left behind.  

Members of the press have run out of superlatives to compliment Sandra’s incredible portrayal of this strong matriarch, Rachelle’s sublime script and Hennie’s sensitive and skilled direction. At the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the reaction from the press was just as euphoric!

All bookings can be done online on this page or at the Montecasino Box Office (011) 511 1818 and Computicket.

The Sewing Machine by Rachelle Greeff; Translated and directed by Hennie van Greunen.

Review of the The sewing Maching by: Whats On In Cape Town

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  1. Sounds Awesome...

    I hope you have a great time!

  2. Thank you Michael, I certainly shall.


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