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Dec 18, 2013


Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:33 AM


With each tour organized by Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions I run an in-house giveaway  for my blog tour host team to show my appreciation.
I’ve got the first winners today. 
The WAKING UP DEAD tour, last week,  was a marvelous experience…that’s because of my team. 

If it were possible I would give each a thank you gift. 
But since that's impractical I will try two at a time.
Without further ado:

  • $25 Amazon Voucher goes to JL Campbell:

*This prize is an opportunity for one of my tour hosts to receive free promotion of their blog by me. I’m very excited about this particular prize because it allows me, on a monthly basis, to effectively assist one saint's blog that is doing marvelous work hosting my company’s blog tours. A bit of paying it forward if you will….

Introduce you to fellow South African and friend Wanda Hartenberg.

My Sponsors
Wanda Hartezenburg
Wanda recently joined my Blog Tour Host Team.
I want to introduce her to you guys because she has a very vibrant and active Facebook group (two in fact) that she runs a very effective Amazon review service from. I think you need to know about this.

BY THE WAY: If you head on over to her and use her service you will get 20% off if you mention my mine or my blog’s name to her. Here's a little message from Wanda.
WaAr Reviewer Reward Group
In short I have gathered a group of dedicated readers and reviewers.
These people have all been tried and tested and as long as your book falls into the main genre's it is almost guaranteed that we will be able to obtain a minimum of 10 new reviews for you on
Most if not all of these reviewers are Amazon top 5000 reviewers and we even have one member who is a top 1000 reviewer.  I myself am below the top 2000 mark and hope to reach top 1000 status by mid 2014.
What do you need to do? You need to assemble a minimum of one prize, be it a signed book, an Amazon gift certificate or any prize you think will entice readers to bump up your book on their to-be-read pile.
Although you are free to forward copies to the readers via email in the format they prefer I would recommend you gift them Amazon copies so that the reviews shows up as verified purchased reviews -- that will make the process for the reviewers simpler and you have no headache over your book landing on a pirate site somewhere in the never twain.
Please note that in no way will you be paying to obtain reviews.  My fee is strictly and admin fee and the reward for the reviewer/reviewers is an incentive.
I ask a $25 admin fee and included in this you will get promotions by the members and myself etc.  So come on.  What are you waiting for?


Next on my mentions list is South Africa Author Carlyle Lubuschagne and her magnificent book: Avenescent which has been nominated for an Award.

I have many author friends who need nominations and they are all talented but I really wanted to send a shout out about my neighbor (literaly – like the next suburb) I gotta start at home right. 

I'd like you to vote for her first because she is one phenomenally talented writer
and two,
because I figure everybody in the whole wide world owes South Africa something……

Both of us live, literally a few minutes away from the site known as The Cradle of Mankind
The world's richest hominin site, home to around 40% of the world's human ancestor fossils. Homosapiens owe their existence to the Motherland so please do your bit in getting our writers on the world map…..that’s a very warped and probably nonsensical argument I know but do VOTE anyway….

And vote for Evanescent
Best Sci Fi
Best Dystopian
Enoch as best Villain
Troy as best male
And me as best Author

Current Giveaways……

I have a number of giveaways going on at the moment. You could still enter and win quite a lot. 

First up is an opportunity for 2 PARANORMAL and 1 ROMANCE authors to WIN blog tours.

$25 Amazon Voucher:  REVENGE FROM MARS by TW Embry Giveaway

Have a fabulous Wednesday

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  1. Oooh oooh oooh. You have me and my paid service. Well one of them. Thank you! Muah


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