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Dec 3, 2013

I use #Grammarly because short of divine intervention I’m screwed

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:32 PM

And I use Grammarly for online proofreading because I am on a mission to end the errorist's tyrannical rule! 
This is a very challenging post for me to right because my biggest Achilles heel is correct use of the English language.
You only have to read an email or post of mine to cringe from text riddled with errors.
Now believe me when I tell you that I do not do this on purpose. 

I die a silent and excruciating death everytime I read a post of mine after publishing and I see embarrassing mistakes in the text.

You can also bet your last dollar that I did not edit that post once prior posting but actually went over it a number of times and quite possibly over a number of days.
And yet there they will be, having insidiously slid their way to my precious blog to taunt me with my incompetence.

So I was really pleased and pleasantly flattered  when I got an email from Grammarly last week asking for a mention on my blog. they must be partially blind or spot a hopeless case in need of redemption here.

Personally I was just happy firsly because I only know Grammarly from my Facebook Likes as the witty grammar Gestapo but had no idea that they actually had a program as a solution. I thought the page was just someone’s way of indulging a passion, as a lexiphile would.

Grammarly also offered me an Amazon voucher if I should mention them in any of my posts but because of my personal challenge which I believe I share with a lot of bloggers, I decided to dedicate a full post on them. 
Perhaps someone else will decide to try out their free offer which I am now testing as well.
Hopefully slowly but surely we will learn torid ourselves of these gremlins that mar otherwise perfect blog posts. 

OK, I am now going put this on the Grammarly correcting thingiemajig on their site and see what the results are:


Oh dear! I see...Well that's nothing short of depressing. 
What to do......?
  1. Use this feature and see what value it adds to my blog posts.
  2. Join Margo Bond Collins' online English class because I am now under the distinct impression that I need to learn English if I have any hopes of writing an even half decent book.

Have you used Grammarly or similar service before, what was your experience?
Or would you consider using such a service?

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