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Feb 11, 2014

Get More Traffic to your Blog with Blog Pinging..... #Tutorial

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:00 AM

One of my promotion tools to attract more traffic is blog pinging. 

First of all let me explain what this is….. 

It’s simply where by you insert your blog URL to what is called a ping site which essentially is a service that announces to search engines that you have added new content to your blog and that they should index you.

So in actual fact it is your blog sending out a ping to search engines. Not you pinging your blog as is the popular phrase.

The result is that your blog posts get indexed immediately with various search engines and made more readily accessible far quicker to those searching for your topic. 

It’s really a wonderful way of getting traffic to your blog with minimal effort. I started playing around with this tool last November and I wish I had taken it seriously from the beginning instead of doing it now and then. 

My blog figures had been stagmant for some time and I was recently looking at them, keeping track of the numbers when I’ve pinged and when I have not. On days when I have not pinged, my traffic goes down to about 200 views a day and America’s monthly average decreases 700 visitors a month. I know I’m in trouble when the Americans aren’t biting because they visit me at an average of 2000 a month. Lawd do i love them Americans.

When I do ping regularly I get anything between 450 to 600 daily page views and also depending on how popular my post is with readers, my social media shares increases exponentially directly from my blog page. 

For my blog that comes from 79 views a day around last June this is epic.

Some evidence:

If you look at  pie chart I got from my Google Analitics account there is a 10% increase in my returning visitors between October and January, which tells me that all my pinging which I started only in November and continued with through December paid off. It might not look major but I believe it has made a great difference on my blog because there is a lot more engagement with my readers.

And personally returning visitors (i.e. unique visitors) mean a great deal to me because these are the people who are loyal to my blog and I want to cater to them more effectively.
And if you want to offer paid services on your blog such as advertising, serious clients want to know about your unique visitors.

I believe that apart from my concentrated effort to post more content that adds value to bloggers in particular, being indexed quickly has widened the scope from which both new and unique visitors access my blog. In other words people, who would otherwise never have seen it, now visit.
Can you imagine the possibilities if 10% improvement was achieved in 2 months,

So here’s how you ping.

When you have published your post, go to your main page.
From there you copy your blog URL, NOT your post URL.
In otherwords:
Not this

Then  you open the site you want to ping to, paste and click submit. 
Depending on the ping site you use, it may have an additional step in the form of word captcha so don’t be surprised. 
You then wait while the site submits your URL to different engines and you’re done. The process can take anything from 1 to 5 minutes. 
I use only two ping sites, one which submits to 1568 engines and another with about 30.

Here they are:

Ping My URL (1568 engines)
Google Ping (about 30 engines)

I’m happy with these two because I have not received any spam on my blog since I started using them about  3 months ago and you should worry about spam, especially if you are using Wordpress. 
The moment you ping on Wordpress it seems you invite spammers galore, not sure why but i do have a remedy for it that I can share on another post if you let me know you want it in comments.


  • DO NOT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER WHILE PINGING. Sometimes you get bored and start fidgeting if you have the attention span of a gold fish like me. Read email in another window or something.
  • In a 24 hour period only ping when you have added new content if you need to ping more than once. If you ping with no fresh content on your blog search engines will declare your blog a spam site very quickly. You do not want that so do not over spam.
  • I am giving you a list of other ping sites in case you are interested but PLEASE, if any of these site wants your email address or for you to embed a code in your blog HTML, DO NOT DO THIS. It gives them permission to do certain things on your blog (e,g put in adverts) or send you newsletters and other nonsense. Very phi-shy and invasive (as with everything, not all are ping sites are of good quality or ethics). Been there, done that, got the migraine scars in brain.
Those I believe are the only words of caution applicable.

Otherwise I do recommend pinging and as long as you are reasonable in using it, this should be a very happy experience for you. It is for me.

As always I love hearing from you.
If you have anything your add, something that we should know about or an experience you wish to share or anything else we should be on the look out for....feel free, you could be helping any of us.


LATE NOTE!!! (added 12 hours later)

It slipped my mind to include the list of other pingsites, here they are 
1) Pingler 
2) Smallseotools 
3) Pingomatic 
4) Pingates
5) Blogdigger
6) Twingly ping
7) Bulk ping
8) 247pingler
9) Pingmylink  
10) Google ping

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  1. As always, a wonderful post. Helping us bloggers must be your full time job :)

  2. I enjoy it Nana...more than anything it brings me great joy to know i'm helping someone.

  3. Hi, Wency!

    I decided to come visit your beautiful blog (I love the butterflies!), and this post caught my eye right away!!

    I'd like to thank you for this AWESOME post!!!! It was so interesting! I had never, ever heard of 'pinging' before. Now I'm definitely going to try it, but with the cautions you mention in mind. I've always been worried about having enough followers, getting comments, etc. Doing this will hopefully give my blog more exposure.

    Thanks again for posting this!! You and your blog ROCK. : )

  4. P.S. Oops, a typo.... I meant "butterfly", not "butterflies", Well, these things do : )

  5. It is my absolute pleasure and happy pinging Maria. if you ever get unstuck just give me a shout.

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